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American DJ Introduce The Rainbow Maker
American DJ has introduced a new compact 32-channel LED controller, the RGBW4C, which lets you operate up to 8 RGB, RGBW or RGBA fixtures or fixture groups independently from one unit.

The RGBW4C is designed to control any standard 3 or 4-channel group of LED fixtures where Channel 1 is Red, Channel 2 is Green, Channel 3 is Blue, and Channel 4 is White or Amber. This means that whether you’re using LED Pars, LED Bars, Floods or Panels (or any combination), and whether your fixtures have 3 or 4 different colour LEDs, the RGBW4C gives you the convenience of being able to operate all of your LED effects from one compact control unit that weighs under 1.1 kg!

The unit includes exciting built-in chase programs and colour macros that make it easy, even for novices, to put on a spectacular-looking LED light show at the touch of a button. Or you can customize your own lighting display with the unit’s manual RGBW intensity controls. To add even greater versatility and creativity, you can control the Speed and Fade Time of the chase programs ‘on the fly.’

In fact, the RGBW4C is so versatile it offers 8 different operating modes to meet the needs of virtually any user or gig. Selectable via an array of 8 buttons, these operating modes include: RGB Fade, Auto Run, colour Macro, Chase, Sound Active, Strobe, Manual RGBW and Blackout.

There are a number of other convenient features on the easy-to-use control panel too, including 9 Static or Colour Chase buttons, which provide direct access to the pre-programmed chases and colour pre-sets. There are also 3 user-programmable colour Pre-set buttons, along with 4 multi-function faders for controlling RGBW intensities as well as program Speed, Fade Time and the Master Dimmer Additionally, the RGBW4C includes a Variable Strobe, Blackout button, and internal microphone for sound active operation.

“Basically, whatever types of LED wash fixtures you’re using and however you wish to run them, the RGBW4C can handle your LED control needs,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for American DJ Europe. “We came out with the RGBW4C because we were seeing our customers adding more and more LED effects to their lighting tool chests. The RGBW4C provides the easy, one-unit-fits-all control solution that these customers were looking for.

“Not only does the RGBW4C give you a convenient way to control up to 8 RGB, RGBW or RGBA lighting fixtures, it will actually help take your LED light show to the next level, thanks to its easy-to-use built-in programs, macros and effects,” added Kast. “It’s very compact and affordable too, which makes it especially ideal for DJs, bands, mobile entertainers, and neighbourhood clubs and bars.”

In order to be used with the RGBW4C, all LED fixtures or fixture groups must be set to run in DMX mode. They must also be addressed 4 channels apart for independent control.

Great for mobile use, the RGBW4C is extremely slim and lightweight. Measuring less than 48mm, it’s just 327mm long and 140mm wide and weighs a mere 1.1 kg.

Published: 01 May 2012


£5.00 (INC P&P)