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Stanton Introduces New DJC.4
Stanton has introduced the DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation to their range of DJ control and playback gear. A complete solution for today’s digital DJs, the DJC.4 provides control of four decks of audio while offering multiple integration options.

The DJC.4 comes bundled with a four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE, which allows users to scratch and mix four decks of audio as well as control video. Its built-in audio interface allows users to integrate turntables or CD decks into their performance. The control surface of the DJC.4 features large, touch-sensitive jog wheels, offering users extremely tight scratch and pitch bend control.

Setup of the DJC.4 is easy, users simply plug in the included USB cable, start up Virtual DJ LE and go. The one-to-one mapping makes for a plug-in-and-play, out-of-the-box solution that eliminates all guesswork. The DJC.4 also includes shift functionality on all buttons and encoders, ensuring future equipment and functionality can be added with ease.

“DJC.4 is a great tool for the digital DJ, providing easy setup and ultimate control over even finely nuanced performances through its high-resolution jog wheels and pitch faders,” says Timothy Dorwart, General Manager of Gibson Pro Audio. “This, combined with its rugged steel chassis, long-lasting faders and chassis-nutted pots, means users are going to be enjoying the DJC.4 for years to come.”

The DJC.4 offers control over four software decks at once. Its browse-control section allows tracks to be loaded to any one of the four decks. Also, its intuitively labeled shift layers allow for direct access to filter, key and other advanced controls, the FX section provides direct access to three FX per deck, as well as a performance-enhancing Fader-FX control mode. All of these controls can be easily mapped to any DJ/VJ software. In addition, there are two stereo Line/Phono inputs that can be used for Turntable/CD connections, as well as DVS control (with optional discounted Virtual DJ Pro upgrade).

Published: 21 April 2012


£7.99 (INC P&P)