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DJ Competition Website launched
The very first DJ competition website of it’s kind in the UK where not only do the DJs win prizes, but charities benefit as well!

DJs have to pay to play for realistic odds in order to win fantastic prizes. By realistic odds we mean a 1 in 50 or a 1 in 100 chance of winning. DJs simply need to register their interest to enter the competition and answer a simple question. 50 lucky hopefuls will then be chosen to participate in the draw and pay the entrance fee. At this point the draw will be conducted and shown on YouTube to prove that it was done fairly. The prize will then be purchased from the funds made from the entrance fee and delivered to the winner. Any money left over from the purchase will then be given to a charity of the winners choosing. Should the winner decide not to nominate a charity, the left over money will go into a “kitty” and will be awarded to a charity at the end of the month.

The owner of, Ian Forest, also owner of the community does not make any money at all out of the fees DJs pay to enter the competition. All money left over from the purchase of the prize is given to charity.
Ian says 'I will be very upfront about the money the website makes, what is spent and what is given to charity, I hope that this helps the website gain credibility as well as becoming a popular place for DJs to come and try to win prizes!'

Published: 29 May 2007