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Cher To Hang Up Her Leather All-In-One For Good?
The racy grandma of pop is about to hang up her crown for good, well maybe. Cher has teased fans about her upcoming tour and tweeted that it will be her last.

The singer revealed that she is "shaking" looking at the set changes for her upcoming jaunt, which she confirmed will start in Kansas this September. Cher tweeted: "OH MY GOD!!!! JUST SAW THE SETS 4 THE SHOW!!! I CANT SHOW U CAUSE YOUD NEVER 4GIVE ME! THERES SO MUCH MAGIC I AM BREATHLESS!" She added: "No s--t im shaking ! The whole set/Look changes 4 every song! I mean COMPLETING CHANGES! Tour starts in sept! First dates Kansas."

The tour will be in support of her forthcoming new album which Cher has been working on the over the past 12 months and will be her 26th studio album. She has previously confirmed that the collection will contain 'The Greatest Thing', which is a collaboration with Lady GaGa.

Although the singer has confirmed that it will be her last tour, speculation has arisen over the validity of her claims as Cher has already had a 'Farewell Tour' which ran between 2002 and 2005. The tour was one of the highest grossing of all time and fans were understandably disgruntled when they realised that the 65 year old would tour again. Cher responded with a tweet that read "THIS 1 WILL B "LAST ONE"! I WANT 2 DO IT "WELL" JUST 1 MORE TIME! NITE".

Cher is famous for her chameleon-esque outfits and countless plastic surgeries, not to mention a banned music video for wearing a thong on the hit ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’. Her hits stretch back over 36 years and her track ‘Believe’ was the biggest selling hit of 1999.

There may be many fans who are disappointed that they were swindled out of money over the last ‘last’ tour, but there will no doubt be many more who are thrilled to hear she will be gyrating around the world one last time!

Published: 08 March 2012