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SEDA Get Ready To Rumble
SEDA will be holding a speaker testing session this Sunday 19th February. The ‘SEDArumble’ will take place at the Checker Mead Theatre and Arts Centre in East Grinsted, West Sussex. The doors will open at 11am, testing will commence at midday and run until 5pm.

Ian Barber, one of the organisers of SEDArumble spoke to Pro Mobile about tomorrow’s event, “SEDA Members have been asking us on the Committee to hold a speaker testing session for some time now. It’s all very well having manufacturers showing us their gear at SEDA ShowNights, which is great, but we wanted to see and hear kit in daily use by our Members, using SEDA tracks not just those being used to show off the latest sound systems. So, we have arranged a session this Sunday at the Checker Mead Theatre & Arts Centre. The idea is to set them all up, around four at a time on stage just how you would at the average DJ gig, but with the facility to switch them all on and off remotely. We have 10 systems booked-in, ranging from Bose Professional to Superlux, with a smattering of EV, Peavey, HK and Forte Audio thrown in for good measure. So do come along and see for yourselves how systems sound under gig conditions, and it may give you ideas for future upgrades. “

One of the major benefits to an event like this is that it is a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a new PA to listen to a number of differently sized systems in an acoustically perfect location. Each speaker system will be given around 10 minutes or more to ‘strut its stuff’ using the SEDA test tracks for comparison. Sound levels will be monitored throughout the day from the sound monitoring position to make sure that nothing is over-driven and it's not too loud. There is no sound limiter at the venue, and it is soundproofed, so DJs should expect the levels to be higher than those at ShowNights, but still within safe limits.

To help cover costs, there is a nominal charge of £5.00 per person to attend the event, which is open to both members and non-members. This price applies whether you are listening or bringing speakers. There is a bar at the theatre which will be open all day for drinks and snacks and the town centre is a short 5 minute walk away with a wide selection of eateries available. A very limited number of free full height spaces are available on site for vans (check first if it's ok to park there!) with a free car park opposite (2.00m height restriction). There is another free full height car park down the road towards the town centre.

Published: 18 February 2012
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£5.00 (INC P&P)