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American Audio Launch New 2-Way Active Speakers
The new DLT15A 500W Active Speaker System from American Audio packs a serious punch in a lightweight Plywood Cabinet. Designed for DJs, bands and nightclubs, this 2-way powered speaker is equipped with a built-in lightweight Class “D” high-power amplifier, providing everything you need for booming out great sound in one convenient piece of gear.

Featuring a 15-inch woofer, 1.3-inch driver and rotatable horn with 90° x 40°
dispersion, the DLT15A delivers great output, high dynamic range and distortion-free sound quality. This well-built speaker system also includes professional features like 3-band EQ, a Constant Velocity Fan, as well as both XLR and ¼” jack inputs and XLR outputs.

The speaker comes enclosed in an attractive, lightweight plywood cabinet. Not only does it look great on stage, but the sturdy wood cabinet, along with the DLT15A’s industrial-strength steel grille, make this one tough machine that’s able to withstand the knocks and bumps of life on the road. An innovative 6-Way Component Protection Design further safeguards the speaker from damage during use and transit.

Yet, at 27 kg, the DLT15A is also lightweight enough to haul around to gigs without breaking your back. In fact, thanks to its innovative design, the DLT15A weighs about the same as a 15” passive speaker with a wooden cabinet. Measuring a compact 445 x 445 x 730 mm, it won’t take up a lot of space in vehicles either.

Another thing users will find easy about the DLT15A is setting it up. The speaker has 14 fly points and is stand mountable, giving it the versatility to fit into a variety of spaces and applications.

“With the DLT15A, we have brought together a lot of features that today’s customers are asking for in a speaker system.” Commented Dirk Kast, General Manager for American Audio Europe. “For many DJs, bands and mobile performers, an active speaker system just makes sense, because they don’t have to haul around separate amplifiers, crossovers and so forth. The DLT15A offers this all-in-one convenience, but it’s also less bulky than some active speakers because it utilizes a lightweight Class ‘D’ amp. The wooden case is another quality feature,” added Kast, “it gives the speaker an elegant, classic look, while offering excellent protection and roadworthiness. Yet the plywood itself is very lightweight, making the DLT15A easy to transport.”

Published: 25 January 2012
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£7.99 (INC P&P)