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Prolight Concepts Announce The ACME Festival
Prolight Concepts have recently announced the forthcoming launch of their new ACME Festival lighting effect. Creating a spectacular light show from its 320 RGBW LEDs, the Festival emits bright, vibrant, colourful beams of light from its five LED clusters. With wide coverage, the unit fires out dozens of red, green, blue and white beams which project over large areas of walls and floors producing razor-sharp shards of colour.

The Festival will make for a hugely exciting mobile DJ centrepiece. It's large number of LEDs, together with cleverly pre-programmed patterns, allow the unit to generate a variety of colourful sweeping, rotating and scanning patterns.

The powerful LEDs have an exceptional lifespan, eliminating the hassle and expense of lamp replacement. When its 320 LEDs are running at full power, it draws a mere 40 watts of current, allowing users to save on energy costs and, with little heat output, the unit can run all night.

A 4 button LED display on the rear of the unit allows DMX control over the Festival which can be operated via 4 channels. It can also run without a controller as a sound active effect, or linked together in multiples via XLR cables for master/slave operation. The Festival can also be operated with an optional CA-8 remote controller, providing an easy way to control blackout, internal programme selection and other functions.

Published: 01 January 2012