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DJs - Is Hearing Loss Too High A Price To Pay?
Many DJs are now realising that one of the costs of their success and popularity can be noise induced hearing loss caused by frequent exposure to high levels of music for long periods of time. LimitEar®, designers of innovative hearing protection solutions for earpiece users, recently launched a major new product: AdaptEar® which enables DJs to use new technology safely to protect their hearing.

This risk to hearing has been understood for some time by musicians and singers who, like DJs, used to use monitor speakers (wedges) at the front of the stage and who now tend to opt for very sensitive custom fit in ear monitors (IEMs). The IEMs both reduce the ambient noise level that reaches their ears and also feeds them the monitor signal so that they can hear their fellow musicians. Having reduced the ambient noise, it is essential that the level of this monitor signal is controlled to prevent high levels of sound and acoustic shock as the speakers in the IEMs are very close to the wearers ear drum.

AdaptEar is fitted in-line between the sound source (mixer) and the user’s headphones. Once adjusted to match the sensitivity of the earpiece, AdaptEar acts as a limiter to provide the user with protection against acoustic shock and high levels of sound. Many DJs are now starting to use IEMs to help reduce the adverse effect on their hearing of prolonged exposure to loud music, AdaptEar ensures that IEMs themselves don’t pose a hearing risk.

Stephen Wheatley, MD of LimitEar said “AdaptEar is a simple yet effective way of protecting the hearing of tens of thousands of people in broadcasting and entertainment. Anybody who uses ear pieces with professional sound equipment of any kind will benefit from the protection and peace of mind that AdaptEar provides. We continue to be surprised by the number of different uses that our customers find for AdaptEar®, as soon as somebody tries it they use it all the time.”

AdaptEar® is a powerful yet lightweight product that can be connected to a wide variety of professional sound equipment, radio communication systems and earpieces from all major brands.

Published: 28 October 2011