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ADJ Follows Up Popular Jellyfish With New Jellydome
How does a company follow up on something as wildly popular as the revolutionary Jellyfish 2-in-1 beam effect? Easy – by offering a second helping of jelly!

The new Jellydome from American DJ is an intelligent RGBW LED effect that produces seven brilliant colours and – like the Jellyfish before it – boasts a glowing see-through case. The transparent case makes the Jellydome two exciting effects in one: a brilliant LED moonflower and a glow dome.

“We were completely thrilled with how well-received and popular the Jellyfish became, so it was only natural to go back to the drawing board and follow up with an equally impressive new lighting effect.” says Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group. “The transparent case and colourful moonbeams make this a very exciting edition to any DJ’s lighting tool chest.”

The Jellydome packs a powerful one-two punch: its 34 sharp RGBW beams of light make it a great moonflower, and its transparent case creates a unique glow effect. Even in the off position, the Jellydome resembles a magnificent bejeweled dome that is sure to catch attention. When active, the 10W 4-in-1 RGBW LED is capable of producing 7 dazzling colours: red, blue, green, purple, yellow, cyan and white, so any mood can be achieved through the vast array of hues.

Boasting a wide 138° beam angle and an array of exciting built-in programs, this dance-floor diva can produce stunning effects with or without the use of fog. Its 0-100% electronic dimming can create any desired ambiance with ease, while the unit’s three operational modes - DMX-512, Master/Slave or Sound Active – allow for versatility of operation.

Click here to see the Jellydome in action!

Published: 30 November 2010