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Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Conference Seminar Line-up
Fed up with the cold and snow of English Winter already? Why not plan a ‘working holiday’ to the Mobile Beat DJ Show in Las Vegas next February? Taking place at the Riviera Hotel on the famous ‘Las Vegas Strip’ from the 1st to the 3rd, the Mobile Beat show is a great opportunity to learn and also network with fellow DJs from the other side of the Atlantic.

Currently confirmed line-up of inspirational and educational seminars:

Ted DiBiase - KEYNOTE: A Champion in Any Field

Ted DiBiase, once wrestling’s Million Dollar Man, shows how to become a “Champion in Any Field” and what will put you ahead of the rest!

Mark Ferrell - You Only Get One Song

What were the principles that allowed Mark Ferrell to be fully booked at 3-5 times the market average in one of the most competitive markets in the US? What was his motivation for client service, client relations, and high performance standards - standards which led Mobile Beat to invite him to keynote and present an unprecedented three seminar series called "Getting What You're Worth" in 2000? In his latest seminar, Mark shares the keys to his success that, up until now, he's shared only privately by mentoring, in private forums, and in his MarBecca Method workshops. If you could only play one song at your next party, what would it be? What is your passion, and what is your unique voice? From where do you draw inspiration and motivation? Mark answers these questions and more in this very direct and illuminating seminar. You only get one song. What will yours be?

Cindy Hanser - Getting Started in the DJ Business How do you start a DJ business?

How do you equip your DJ business to become the number one sought after company in your market? Learn how Expect Style Photography & DJ Music, became the official team for the Laughlin Nevada Chamber of Commerce, and partnered with some of the biggest venues in the area.

Ron Ruth - Disney's 3 Keys To Success And Your Wedding DJ Business

Learn how to feature pieces of Disney's unprecedented service standard in your wedding DJ business.

Rob Johnson - How to get the MIDWEEK MONEY!

More and more DJs and Entertainers are getting into work during weeknights. How do they find the shows? Who is their customer? Where can they perform? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Steven Clayton - Supplement your Income: Become a DJ/Production Company

Find out tips on how to make more money and raise your business from a "DJ Company to Production Company". Learn how to gain new clients and service existing ones with options geared toward AV Rentals, Audio/Lighting production and concert production. Get more business from your sitting gear and generate that additional income lost by the "weekend DJs".

Matt Ryan - School Dances: Generate Maximum Bookings & Income

School dances should be an important part of every DJ’s portfolio of events. However, one of the most common reasons DJs cite for not working with schools is the low booking rates. Get the key to overcoming this obstacle and turning school clients into long-term customers!

Beth Standlee - Booking Big Gigs=Big Sale

Attend this fast paced energetic sales training session and learn how to capture more company business today. You’ll take away practical, easy to use sales techniques that will make your job more fun than it already is. When you book sales with companies your revenue will explode. Plan to have your best year ever by booking those influential company gigs!

Larry Williams - B SIDES:Secrets to Your Next Success!

This seminar will introduce a methodology that will find you re-evaluating nearly every aspect of your business. Once you apply the concepts unveiled in this session, you will discover stand-alone techniques, creative ideas and possibly even your signature piece.

Randy Bartlett - Behind The Scenes

Look at several ways to work ‘Behind The Scenes’ to create incredible results that will enable you to make your very next event the best work you’ve ever done!

Mitch Taylor - Creative Consultations From Opening To Closing

What are you using currently for your consultations? Written testimonials? Pictures from your weddings? Power Point presentation? The same company video you’ve shown for the past five years? Start being more creative and making the most of the time you spend with your clients.

Dave Windsor - Clearly Speaking: Mic technique and voice-over training

If you are using a microphone without a script, you’d better be damn good at adlibbing! You should “know before you go”, where you are going to take the audience, and where you’re going to leave them when you’re done. Are you doing this? Do you know where you’re going? Discover more about the unique wonder that is your one true instrument … your voice. If you’re happy with it, find ways to tweak it. If you’re not happy with it, create a plan that will help you develop a stronger position.

George Lopez - Peak Performance

In this presentation you will have the opportunity to evaluate how you perform at events, sell to your prospective clients and how you manage your business. This will help clarify what you can do to improve these three areas, create a priority list and decide what “One” thing you should do first to improve the success of your DJ business!

Dean Carlson - Practice:Prepare To Be Great!

Becoming a top DJ requires the investment of practice. Discover crucial performance areas for practice that you probably never thought of before. This session will show you how to make the most of your practice time and set up a schedule that works. This seminar will challenge everyone from new DJs up to the most experienced pros. Do yourself and your performances a favour and spend an hour on proactive practices that will exercise your DJ muscles!

Ted DiBiase - From A Warrior to A King

Ted will be talking about his life before and after wrestling and his current work in this breakout session. Ted’s story is powerful, brutal, honest and emotional.

Scott Kartsounes and Darren Hughes of DJ Intelligence - Advanced Internet Strategies: So you have a website, now what?

It’s the internet age and brides & party planners are no longer “wishing for” the ability to book and plan their events online, they’re expecting it! Learn how to harness the incredible strength of the web and put your website to work for you by converting it from an ordinary static brochure into an interactive online destination that will keep clients and prospects coming back for more! This action-packed power seminar is a must-attend for all DJs, whether you have a major web presence or none at all. Learn how to take your website to the next level with interactive website tools from DJ Intelligence for booking events online and complete online event planning. It's time to make the web work for you! This is an informational demonstration and educational seminar, geared towards both beginners and pros.

Josh Yawn and "That Guy" - DJ Crash Course

Josh Yawn, Mobile Beat and "That Guy" of That Guy DJ Service will be hosting the premiere event for the Mobile Beat DVD series "DJ Crash Course" volumes #1 and #2. Learn some new tricks, have some fun with us and find out about this great new series of DVDs. The producers of the DVD series will be onsite to show you parts of this series and take your input on the next couple of discs in the series.

Jason Hennessey from WedLock - One Word + 12 Steps = Your Big Bridal Sales All Year Long

Like it or not, in 2011, your website is your strongest sales tool. So why not like it, embrace it, and make more money from it than ever before? It's easier than you think to crush your competition. This session will actually show you live examples on stage of just how easy it can be! WedLock Magazine SEO expert (and former DJ!) Jason Hennessey will show you where the wedding industry was - and where it is now. And then he'll show you exactly how to turn your everyday wedding website into your best sales asset. 12 short steps plus "one keyword" will create a formula for a bridal fortune you never knew you had. Bring your notebook! You'll walk away with a profitable checklist you can put to work on your site - today!

NLFX Pro Academy - DMX After Dark

DMX After Dark is back in a big way. Software developer, Entertainment Sciences Group, will be providing demo copies of their DMX software to all attendees, and NLFX professional will have interfaces and lighting equipment on hand to ensure attendees can participate in this hands-on session. The power and flexibility offered by modern DMX software packages will be covered as well as programming tricks and tips. The number of interfaces is limited, come early to reserve your space!

NLFX Pro Academy - Selling Lighting

Jason Weldon will show you what he has done to help grow the lighting sales of his company over 100% for the last two years! From the phone call to the pictures, he will cover the things that you need to know to help get more revenue in the door. Lighting is an exciting and growing profit centre for DJs. Learn how you can add to your company’s bottom line!

NLFX Pro Academy - The Hollywood Effect

Use lighting to create an experience for your clients and their guests. Just as special effects help evoke emotions in movies, we too, can use the tools available to us for dramatic effect. Learn about techniques, fixture types, and an overview of DMX. The powerful control DMX offers us allows us to get a more impressive effect using fewer fixtures.

NLFX Pro Academy - Video DJs Tips And Tricks

Come join Nick Covino for some cool tools that can inspire you get into the Video DJ world, or to add some crazy new features to your existing setup. This seminar is for beginners and advanced video DJs and has something to offer the audio expert or the highly tech savvy video pro. Concepts covered range from getting better video signal over long runs, to using wifi to get your “point” across as well as the use of a matrix video switcher and some cool tricks with cat5 cable.

NLFX Pro Academy - Getting What You Paid For

When you’re shopping for sound equipment you’re presented with lots of information (watts, decibels, ohms, etc), but what does it mean? Ben Stowe will help you sort through the marketing information and translate it into the necessary engineering information you need to make good buying decisions. We’ll decode the datasheets and help you understand it in clear, plain English. We’ll also take the mystery out of decibels, how many you need, and what to do about noise requirements at your events.

NLFX Pro Academy - Sounds Good To Me

This seminar features technical advice from industry veteran Jonathan Novick on configuring and using your gear reliably. Get the latest updates on wireless mics. Learn how to identify different types of noises and get rid of them. Get demonstrations on the importance speaker placement.

NLFX Pro Academy - Unleash The Power

Ok … the title sounded cool, but really what we want to do is contain the power. We want to make sure we have enough of it to run our shows reliably, but we want to keep surges, noise and other damaging things out! This seminar by Ben Stowe is brought back by popular demand. Many DJs have mentioned how this discussion of power, power conditioning, UPS and generators has saved them thousands in equipment and protected their reputation.

Published: 01 December 2010


£5.00 (INC P&P)