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Peavey Updates Popular PR Series Loudspeakers

Peavey has updated the best-selling PR Series powered loudspeakers with their new class D amplifier topology for even lighter weight on the new PR 15D and PR 12D models. Both of the updated units are capable of up to 120 dB peak SPL and feature Peavey’s exclusive DDT™ speaker protection, which virtually eliminates audible power amplifier clipping. A built-in, heavy-duty crossover increases reliability at high power levels.

The Peavey PR 15D and PR 12D are two-way powered loudspeaker systems engineered with a bi-amplified class D power section that drives a 12" woofer with a robust 150 watts continuous and a 1.4" titanium-diaphragm RX™14 compression driver with another 50 watts continuous. This high-speed amp topology yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available, and has helped the PR Series shed 20% more weight than previous models, down to a mere 16.5kgs for the PR 15P and just 13kgs for the PR 12P.

A Woofer Servo monitors the woofer for back-EMF that is not a result of the drive signal and compensates for the unwanted woofer response in the overall signal. The result is a well-controlled and precise sound with excellent low-end frequency handling. A Constant Loudness (Fletcher-Munson) circuit accentuates bass and treble frequencies at low listening volume levels to provide additional clarity and uniform sound reproduction across the volume spectrum.

The new PR 15D and PR 12D speakers are available from your local Peavey dealer now.

Published: 06 August 2010