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Introducing the New Pioneer CDJ-850
Pioneer have recently announced a forth product that will join their new range of next generation DJ players. Following the launch in 2009 of the new flagship CDJ-2000 player, along with its smaller brother the CDJ-900, the CDJ-350 was unveiled earlier this year offering the most affordable rekordbox™ compatible deck for beginners, however this left a gap for semi-pro DJs. The introduction of the brand new CDJ-850 fills this gap and completes the new range.

The CDJ-850 inherits many of the most exciting features from the CDJ-2000 and 900, offering major enhancements over the outgoing CDJ-800MK2. The full-size 206mm jog wheel will be familiar to all existing professional CDJ users, giving the same performance and feel as the top of the range products and, no matter which CDJ you play on, the browsing logic is always the same. What’s more, all the work put into customizing rekordbox™ collections will be available on every player in the range.

Commenting on the new player, Jason Pook, Product Development Manager for Pioneer DJ Europe said: "We wanted the CDJ-850 to resemble the CDJ-2000 in as many ways as possible, so that the transition between using both is as smooth as possible. This we’ve achieved, while still bringing the system in at an affordable price.”

The CDJ-850 features the same large rotary select dial as the CDJ-2000 and is the most affordable product in the range to feature the Wave Display, which provides a visual interpretation of the peaks and drops within a track. An intuitive Tag List feature also allows DJs to think ahead 10, 20 or many more tracks by arranging temporary set lists on the fly. They can then save this as a playlist and recall it later in rekordbox™ or use it again at their next gig.

Adapting to all ways of working, the CDJ-850 plays music from CD, USB and PC. It is also capable of playing professional 24-bit Wav and Aiff, along with MP3 and AAC music files. It can also be used as a MIDI controller and 24-bit soundcard for music software, and with HID capability, software companies are likely to be quick to announce Plug&Play support.

The CDJ-850 will be available from August 2010 and the suggested retail price is £799 (inc. VAT).

Published: 27 July 2010
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£7.99 (INC P&P)