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MixMash launches fortnightly service QuickMash
Satisfying a market that is increasingly hungry for music that you can see, and beat-driven video that you can dance to, is no easy thing. But premier European music video/DVD compilation supplier, MixMash, has come up with another groundbreaking new service that helps fulfil this market even more – QuickMash.

QuickMash is a fortnightly service delivering the 15 latest, very best and most in-demand music videos out there. Content-hungry DJs/VJs no longer have to wait a month between releases to get updated and so can be confident when they arrive at their gigs that they are fully up to date. At only £20 per disc, the monthly cost is now spread without losing any crucial content. Released every 2nd Wednesday the discs can be dispatched in time for delivery by the weekend (in the UK). The discs are available in three formats: DVD, MPEG4 and MPEG2 allowing even more choice for the myriad of playback solutions being used by DJs/VJs these days.

‘This is a long overdue solution to delivering videos in a more timely fashion to DJs/VJs that want to be playing the latest and most in-demand videos every gig’’ says Mark (Luvdup) van den Berg, MixMash Product Manager.

Published: 08 July 2010