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Xpress Yourself with ADJ's New Xpress LED Moonflower Effect

DJs have the perfect way to "express themselves" thanks to American DJ's new Xpress LED. A high-energy moonflower light powered by a brilliant 10W white LED light source, the Xpress LED is loaded with 15 gobo/colour combinations, bringing the classic gobo-flower effect up to date with the latest technology.

This sound-activated effect is easy to use - just turn it on and its amazing patterns will rotate back and forth and change to the beat of the music. Ideal for mobile DJs and small venues, the Xpress LED also includes an eye-popping strobe effect that users can flick on when it's time to really rev up the excitement. Featuring a 34-degree beam angle and manual focusing lens, the Xpress LED will project clear, sharp and colourful images anywhere in a room - on the ceiling, walls or even to highlight a particular area of a venue such as the bar.

Longevity is one of a number of advantages of the Xpress LED’s state-of-the-art LED light source, which is rated at 30,000 hours, so users don't have to contend with the hassle and expense of changing lamps. Thanks to the low heat generated by LEDs, the Xpress LED is a cool customer as well. It never gets too hot, keeping a comfortable room temperature for party goers on the dance floor and eliminating the need for on/off duty cycles. Plus, when a gig is completed, DJs can carry out their lighting effects faster than ever before, since no cool-down period is required. Eco-friendliness is another area where the Xpress LED's energy-efficient LED source outshines older halogen lamp powered effects.

"You really get everything with Xpress LED - a great moonflower that's packed with gobos and colours, and the long life, low power draw and many other benefits of LED", said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group. "LEDs are the present and the future of our industry, and American DJ is fully committed to developing the greatest array of LED effects for DJs, clubs and mobile entertainers. The Xpress LED is a great addition to our LED lineup - it's fun, easy-to-use, puts on a great light show and caters to just about everyone. Plus, you're getting a very advanced lighting product at an amazing price."

In addition to being run as a plug-n-play sound active effect, the Xpress LED is compatible with American DJ's easy-to-use 3-switch UC3 remote controller (sold separately). Also included on the Xpress LED are in/out IEC power connections to daisy-chain power (up to 22 Xpress LEDs), as well as switchable voltage from 115 to 230V.

Along with being simple to use, the Xpress LED is also easy to install on the dance floor and haul around to gigs. It comes with a convenient mounting bracket and a safety hook on the rear that make it a cinch to set up. It was also designed to provide two things every DJ needs: low weight and easy portability. The Xpress LED tips the scales at just 2.8kg and its dimensions are a puny 228 x 203 x 191mm.

Take a look at Xpress LED in action

Published: 31 March 2010
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


£5.00 (INC P&P)