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Denon DJ Line Up New Products for the Frankfurt Prolight + Sound Exhibition
Denon DJ Europe have revealed that they will be exhibiting their complete new product line up at this year’s Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, which opens to the music industry trade tomorrow. The display will include two new DJ mixers, a new digital turntable with powerful music file control features, and Serato software interface controllers for gigging DJs and mobile rigs. In addition the brand will be demonstrating the VJ mixing capabilities of its new DN-X1600 mixer and announcing a line up of top DJ endorsees, including UK DMC Champion, JFB.

The DN-X1700 is Denon’s new flagship mixer and their most advanced high quality DJ control product. The result of an intense R&D programme to provide the gigging professional with all the performance features and control he / she could ever want, it is also boasts the best possible design, build and sound quality. Attention to layout, construction and component quality is unsurpassed in the highly ergonomic 4-channel ‘industry standard’ size tabletop mixer, with studio quality 60mm Alps K Series channel faders and a 45mm FLEX cross fader, large high quality rubberized control knobs with LED ring metering, a high visibility 3.5 inch TFT colour LCD display and extended 24 point LED channel and output metering.

32-bit floating point internal signal processing, independent parametric 3-band EQ with Kill on every channel, two built-in independent and combinable EFX processors, and Matrix Input Assignment add up to incredible power and flexibility. Two USB2.0 audio and MIDI control interfaces also provide DJs with the ability to simultaneously perform MIDI control and mixing functions.

While the DN-X1700 is pitched at the top of the market, the mid budget DN-X1600 – being shown in Europe for the very first time in Frankfurt – is cut from the same cloth and born of the same development programme. Offering much of the same quality, performance and a comparable feature set to a wider market, the X-1600 is configured for pro and semi pro DJs working live and at home. With major new features for control of PC and Mac® DJ software and digital file libraries; the DN-X1600 is the world’s first DJ mixer to feature the Roland® V-LINK™ protocol for VJ mixing.

The X-1600 also features matrix input assignment with DVS mode, 32-bit internal digital processing and simultaneous MIDI operation. The exclusive MIDI controls and user interface section, an expanded FX processor with even more (and new) digital effects, 3-band EQ with full kill on each band, and 32-bit DAC for premium sound quality combine to offer unprecedented performance for the circa £1000 price tag. Large high-quality rubberized knobs, 60mm long throw channel faders and a 45mm FLEX crossfader (with A/B Cut Position adjustment), large VDF display screen, and 16 dot high resolution level meters distinguish the spacious, ergonomic control surface. Traktor Scratch Certification for both the DN-X1700 and DN-X1600 mixers is due to be announced at the show.

Complementing the X-1700 / X-1600 mixers is the DN-S3700 digital turntable with is its unique 9” direct drive real vinyl platter; complete with (replaceable) slipmat. Coupled with Denon’s proprietary High Torque Direct Drive Motor design, the platter brings unparalleled turntable simulation to CD, sound files and software control. With an ultra high-resolution pulse sensor mechanism the player can accurately reproduce the subtlest and swiftest scratching movements possible with the human hand. Also, like a high performance vinyl turntable, the platter achieves instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5 kg/cm of start-up torque within 0.5 seconds; platter speed can even be switched between 33 and 45 rpm.

The platter additionally performs functions such as pitch bending, frame searching and quick file navigation from external USB devices. USB support gives access to and unparalleled control of portable music libraries stored on external memory sticks, iPod®s, hard drives, laptops, etc., with support for MP3/ WAV libraries of up to 50,000 files. Built-in EFX with full parameter control includes a Dry/Wet mix control of five effects. The 100mm pitch slider provides high pitch resolution at .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10/16% pitch range; 24%/50%/100% ranges are also available. An angled FL tube display gives a wealth of visual information in conjunction with the acclaimed Denon DJ Music Manager software (included FOC) including visual waveform data and BPM’s for music files. Discrete onboard power supply and the highest electronic specifications (including 24-bit DAC processing) ensure extremely high sound quality, while the illuminated front loading slot-in CD mechanism supports a whole variety of compact disc media. The USB audio interface includes 2-Channel Stereo output and low latency ASIO / OSX Core Audio support.

Ditching the keyboard and mouse for a dedicated hardware control surface, the DN-HC1000S universal interface for Serato® Scratch LIVE™ means that DJs can now perform with the most popular DJ software programme for digital file libraries exactly as they would with turntables or CDJ decks. The DN-HC1000S provides hardware control of all the major features, commands and keyboard shortcuts for Scratch LIVE. Its control layout is immediately familiar to Scratch LIVE users and features highly illuminated professional quality buttons and tactile control knobs. Its solid steel encased construction and high grade components, buttons and rotary controls, mark the DN-HC-1000S as a serious piece of professional kit. Despite its fully professional build specification and über quality, the DN-HC1000S is surprisingly affordable at around the £145 mark.

Also being shown for the first time in Europe at Prolight + Sound, the DN-HC5000ITCH is the world’s first professional controller for Serato® ITCH™. Boasting the same form factor as Denon’s long time market leading twin DJCD systems for mobile DJs and club installations, the DN-HC5000 provides the same control and performance capabilities for digital music files with dedicated hardware control of Serato's leading DJ software. The DN-HC5000 is a turnkey digital DJ system; an integrated hardware / software solution, designed to give mobile DJs ultimate control of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF digital music libraries. Connection to a PC or Mac® with a single USB cable provides full control of digital music files from the included Serato ITCH software which is quickly and easily installed.

Utilising Serato’s HIDI technology for superior speed, accuracy and communication between software and hardware components, the DN-HC5000 acts as a USB 2.0 MIDI controller with 24-bit Internal processing, 24-bit digital analogue conversion on the audio outputs, and USB audio. Integrated ‘one to one’ hardware-to-software mapping provides instant control and minimum setup time. Analogue audio outputs for each deck enables the DN-HC5000 to connect and configure to any mixer. The unit can also connect to and control Denon’s BU4500 Dual CD/MP3 player, additionally providing playback of tracks not yet stored in file libraries.

Ahead of the show, Denon DJ Europe has launched its new look website at A major upgrade of its online presence, the new site provides detailed information and specs and extensive graphic overviews for all of the new products being shown at Prolight + Sound, along with demonstration videos and valuable support information and updates. UK DMC Champion JFB can also be seen putting the DN-HC1000S through its paces on YouTube at

Published: 23 March 2010


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