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Hercules unveils the DJ Console Mk4
Eight years ago DJs discovered the first portable dual-deck mixer with integrated audio for computers: the DJ Console, created by Hercules. Along with its successor, the DJ Console Mk2, this device has gone on to become a best-seller among amateur digital DJs and mobile DJs.

In order to continue catering to the constantly-growing community of users interested in getting started in digital DJing, and to accompany and facilitate the musical creativity of amateur and mobile DJs worldwide, Hercules is updating its product line with its latest release: the DJ Console Mk4. With its cutting-edge design, this portable controller features two decks and a high-performance audio interface, making it a real all-in-one DJ station for PC and Mac®.

Compared to the previous model (the Mk2), the DJ Console Mk4 features a more strikingly modern design together with a thinner and wider body for more comfortable mixing. The metallic-coloured top surface is also covered with a see-through plate, while the jog wheels are more precise, and four browser buttons have replaced the joystick. Hercules has designed this new controller with more space between the cross-fader and the jog wheels, as well as a greater number of backlit buttons, allowing DJs to easily locate all functions, even under very low-light conditions. Large, non-slip feet provide perfect stability when mixing and as the unit is compact (26.5 x 18.7 x 6.4cm) and lighter than a laptop computer (1.15kg), users can take the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 anywhere. It is powered directly by a computer's USB port, and includes a protective cover and shoulder strap – features designed to make things easy for DJs when they’re out and about.

Hercules DJ Console Mk4 features two decks, for mixing digital audio files (PC or Mac®). The two jog wheels simulate a pair of CD turntables, allowing users to move within tracks, speed up or slow down playback, apply scratching effects, and much more. The console also includes a cross-fader, along with a pair of volume faders, two pitch control knobs, six EQ potentiometers and thirty-six buttons. But the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 isn't just a standard DJ controller, since it also includes a high-performance audio interface providing two stereo outputs that allow DJs to play their mix for an audience, while also previewing the next track for themselves. The unit also features two stereo line level inputs allowing external analogue sound sources to be connected along with a mic input with talk-over feature.

This new Hercules controller will be bundled with VirtualDJ® DJC Edition: easy to learn yet powerful, this mixing software provides users with a wealth of useful functions including audio file analysis (to calculate music tracks’ BPM), automatic cue point selection, and much more. The console also includes functions for synchronising tracks, as well as for applying automatic loops (on 1, 2, 4 or 8 beats) and multiple effects, allowing users to add their own personal touch to their creations, and even record their mixes as audio files. Plus, Hercules is also including a graphic skin that can be placed underneath the see-through plate on top of the controller, allowing users to customise their console.

Published: 15 March 2010
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£5.00 (INC P&P)