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DJ Intelligence Version 6.5 Officially Released
After months of development, DJ Intelligence Version 6.5 has been officially released. While DJ Intelligence rolls out upgrades and enhancements to its subscribers in real time, a version number helps separate different phases of development planning. The official completion of Version 6.5 paves the way for significant changes and advancements as Version 7.0 features begin launching next month.

Version 6.5, which has been in the works for over a year, features nearly three dozen enhancements to the software, including a new website tool called the ‘Wedding Store’ which allows subscribers to sell wedding products and earn a commission, a new website tool called the ‘News & Information Blog’ which allows subscribers to publish a blog on their website, a ‘Mobile Music Search’ tool which runs on your mobile phone or PDA, built in site analytics, integration with major digital DJ software packages, and much more. Additionally, Version 6.5 features faster performance through server, network, and bandwidth improvements.

The powerful advancements included in Version 6.5 came as a result of features that were requested by some of the thousands of companies who use DJ Intelligence. These improvements solidify DJ Intelligence as a market leader by providing companies and their clients with the most features, flexibility, speed, and ease-of-use. You'll fine a full listing of features included in Version 6.5 at

DJ Intelligence was launched in January of 2002 and gives professional service providers the ability to add interactive tools into their existing company website. Over a dozen dynamic tools are included with the annual subscription service, including an availability checker, online music search and request system, event planning forms, event timelines, satisfaction surveys, price quote generator, online booking system, contact inquiry form, secure web-based payments, automated client referrals, client login, guest requests, and more. All tools are customized to match the look & feel of the company’s website and can integrate into any existing site with ease, regardless of who designed it or where it is hosted, with to programming required.

DJ Intelligence offers live demos and a 2 month trial at

Published: 29 October 2009


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