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New Multi-Colour Laser Animation Projector
The latest new addition to the Equinox range of effect equipment is the Aries, a multi-colour diode based laser projector. This bright 200mW laser uses high speed optical scanning stepper motors to create complex animated patterns. Many of these animations can be projected onto walls or ceilings in venues where smoke effects aren’t permitted, while the Aries also produces many laser patterns that are ideal for use with haze or fog.

The effect makes use of two DPSS diodes, one red 130mW and the other green 70mW, which mix together to create a bright yellow colour. The Aries is a 16 channel DMX laser that is also capable of operating via in-built programmes as stand alone with a built-in microphone that causes the Aries to sequence through its programmes to the beat of the music. Animations include, amongst many others, a walking cat, running dinosaur and horse, dancing lady and a flying bird. The patterns include circles, squares, waves and flat lines. Housed in a tough metal case the Aries can be permanently installed but is ready to take the rigors of on the road use.

Published: 01 May 2009