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New Laser Effect Added to the Equinox Range
Prolight Concepts are further expanding their Equinox effect range by introducing a collection of new laser projectors. The first of these new units has been named Taurus and is a bright 100mW green laser that uses high speed optical scanning stepper motors to create stunning animations.

Many of the animated patterns created by the Taurus can be projected onto walls without the need for a smoke-filled atmosphere. Additionally the Taurus produces many laser patterns that are ideal for mid-air projections enhanced with haze or fog. The collection of 224 patterns/animations can be zoomed, rotated and expanded through the X, Y and Z axis creating an almost unlimited collection of laser effects.

The Taurus is a 15 channel DMX laser that is capable of operating in sound active, stand alone or DMX controlled modes. In sound active mode the built-in microphone causes the Taurus to sequence through its programmes to the beat of the music. Animations include a walking cat, running dinosaur and horse, dancing Aztec character and a flying bird. The patterns include circles, squares, waves and flat lines. Housed in a tough metal case the Taurus is easy to transport, weighing just 2.7kg and measuring 314 x 240 x 148mm.

Published: 10 April 2009