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Denon DJ Releases High-Output Axis Series Speakers
Denon DJ has unveiled its new series of Axis speakers, which was launched at last month’s NAMM tradeshow in LA. The first line of this type to be released by the company, the new high-output, self-powered speakers combine coaxial design, 2000-watt amplification and DSP control, giving mobile DJs a family of compact, portable cabinets that offer optimum performance.

The new series is made up of two main ‘satellite’ speakers (the Axis 8 and Axis 12) and a corresponding subwoofer (the Axis 12S), all of which have been designed to deliver high-quality sound, even for demanding portable music playback applications, making the speaker well-suited to the needs of the mobile DJ.

The Axis 8 and Axis 12 both utilise a new coaxial design where the high frequency compression driver is mounted coaxially (at the apex) of the system’s low-frequency driver. This design – known as coincident mounting – ensures a time- and phase-coherent output, which noticeably improves definition and clarity. The coaxial driver design also reduces the cabinet height significantly when compared to conventional speakers. Furthermore, both the Axis 8 and Axis 12 feature 2000-watt class D digital bi-amplification, offering higher output levels and greater power efficiency.

“For portable music applications, there is really nothing that combines the superb sound, high output, DSP EQ control and compact size of our new Axis speakers. People have been asking for speakers with top-of-the-line performance, easy setup, and easy transportability that were not visually bulky. That’s why we created the Axis Series – it answers an important need that was unfulfilled,” said Costa Lakoumentas, Senior Vice President for Denon DJ.

The Axis 8 and Axis 12 speakers are complemented by the Axis 12S powered subwoofer, which offers a strong low-end response thanks to its heat-treated 12” woofer with 3” voice coil. With a frequency response that extends to 38Hz and a maximum SPL of 120dB, mobile DJs can use the Axis 12S for even the loudest of applications, while a digital limiter/compressor and red LED clip-indicator ensure that users can prevent distortion and react quickly if the woofer does start to clip.

All three of the Axis Series speakers offer standard pole-mount 35mm threaded inserts and built-in handles for easy setup, teardown and transportability.

The Axis Series will be available from April and will ship with the following SSPs: £379.99 (Axis 8), £459.99 (Axis 12), and £459.99 (Axis 12S).

Published: 11 February 2015
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