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ADJ’s Inno Pocket Spot Twins Now Available
Adding to its successful Inno Pocket series, ADJ’s new, compact Inno Pocket Spot Twins features two independently-controlled mini moving heads mounted on a single bracket, enabling mobile DJs to create incredibly bright dual-beam effects with ease.

With a high-power 12W LED source and separate colour/GOBO wheels, offering seven colours (plus white) and seven GOBOs (plus spot), in each head, users can create unique combinations of patterns and colours. Mobile DJs can also add to the effectiveness of their lightshows with a GOBO scroll mode and GOBO shake effect. In GOBO scroll mode, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins will scroll through its various patterns to create flashing, quick-changing effects, so users can maintain energy on the dance-floor.

Mobile DJs will also enjoy the freedom of movement enabled by the Inno Pocket Spot Twins’ 540⁰ pan and 230⁰ tilt, which offers fast, energetic movements that allow the coloured beams to be projected from a range of angles. With a tight 15⁰ beam angle for each head, these sharp beams of concentrated light look great when combined with fog or haze. The independent movement and wide pan/tilt angles also enable an effective Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, which lets the user create an eye-catching, synchronised lightshow in master/slave modes. This is ideal for mobile DJs that want to avoid the complexities of DMX programing or want to run an automatic setting so they can focus on DJing.

Overall, this power, flexibility and room for creative freedom makes the Inno Pocket Spot Twins ideal for the ever-changing needs of the mobile DJ, supplying them with a compact and versatile effect that can add movement and colour to the dance-floor. DJs catering for younger audiences can also benefit from the fixture’s random slow-to-fast strobing and energetic pulse effects, which are increasingly popular with younger audiences looking for more of a club atmosphere at their events. As a result, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins is ideal for birthday parties, school proms and university graduations.

In terms of control, users have a choice between DMX-Controlled Mode, Sound Active Mode and Show Mode. In DMX-Controlled mode, a choice of two channel options (18 and 23) is offered, allowing users to control the pan and tilt for each head, for great precision and more flexible positioning. Meanwhile, Sound Active Mode and Show Mode allow the activation of four built in shows and the aforementioned Inversion Mode. ADJ’s optional IR wireless remote control can also be used, allowing DJs to operate the Inno Pocket Spot Twins from a distance of up to 9m.

“With the Inno Pocket Spot Twins we wanted to take all the positive aspects of the Inno Pocket Spot but incorporate it into a dual-moving head fixture; a convenient, portable two-in-one solution,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Users can create a more enticing atmosphere, generate more attention-grabbing effects and, as a result, produce more memorable events, thanks to the fixture’s compact power, flexible movement and independent colour/GOBO wheels.”

With its compact size (480 x 150 x 330mm) and low weight (7kg), the Inno Pocket Spot Twins is ideal for taking on the road as part of a mobile setup, being easy to transport and store. Great for use in small and mid-sized venues, its size also means it can also be easily mounted in limited spaces. Users can hang the Inno Pocket Spot Twins from truss using its two Omega brackets, mount it directly onto a tripod, or set it on the ground. This allows DJs to project the effects from any angle: from above the dance-floor; from behind the booth or the back of the stage for unique mid-air effects; or from the ground as an upward-facing effect.

The Inno Pocket Spot Twins is available now at an SSP of £388.

Published: 09 February 2015


£5.00 (INC P&P)