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Prolight Concepts Launches Equinox Slender Series
Prolight Concepts has launched the eagerly-awaited Equinox Slender Series, following its showcase at BPM 2014. The new range of lightweight moving heads includes both single beam units and bar fixtures that utilise white or quad-colour LEDs, allowing mobile DJs to create eye-catching single- and multi-beam effects.

The Slender Beam Quad moving head uses a 10-watt quad-colour LED to produce a single, sharp beam of coloured lighting that can be adapted using 0-100% dimming and intensified using the unit’s variable strobe feature. As well as DMX-controlled mode (which includes two channel options), mobile DJs can benefit from the various built-in programs offered by the Auto and Sound Active modes, which allow simple but effective lightshows to be easily achieved. With a similar spec, but housing a single 10-watt white LumiEngin LED, the Slender Beam White gives users the same sharp moving beam effect but in clean bright white. Both fixtures are supplied with a hanging bracket, so DJs can mount them above the dance-floor to create moving mid-air effects.

As well as these single beam effects, the new Slender Series also features two bar fixtures – the Slender Beam Bar Quad and the Slender Beam Bar White. The Beam Bar Quad features four moving heads containing 10-watt CREE quad-colour LEDs, giving users the convenience of having multiple colour beam effects mounted on a single bar. With 540° pan and 270° tilt for each head, mobile DJs can fill the room with narrow beams, while a DMX-controlled mode with five channel options (1, 6, 12, 14 and 27) enables more concise control. The Slender Beam Bar Quad’s user-selectable shows offer a lightshow for every occasion; mobile DJs can use the limited movement show to ensure that their effects are forward-facing and projected into the crowd, rather than wasted on the wall behind the booth. The Slender Beam Bar White, meanwhile, offers many of the same features but utilises four 10-watt white LEDs instead; generating piercing white beams that look great cutting through fog and haze.

On top of their DMX, Auto, and Sound Active modes, the Slender Beam Bar fixtures can be controlled with the CA-8 remote control, thanks to a socket on the back; giving users an additional control option. Both units also come with a 35mm stand adaptor.

“We were really pleased at BPM this year to see the Slender Beam fixtures, that feature high output 10-watt LEDs, were received so well and we’re hoping that these, along with the Slender Beam Bars, will meet the needs of both DJs and venue operators alike,” said Bernie Marsh, Prolight Concepts General Manager.

Aside from their bright, narrow beam effects, the Slender Series fixtures are also lightweight, and therefore convenient for taking on the road as part of a mobile setup. The Slender Beam White and Slender Beam Quad weigh just 1.82kg, while the more substantial Slender Beam Bars weigh in at 7.5kg.

Published: 06 January 2015


£5.00 (INC P&P)