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CHAUVET DJ Releases Versatile Battery-Powered EZgobo
CHAUVET has released the latest addition to its EZ range of battery-powered fixtures. The EZgobo IRC is an LED GOBO projector that gives mobile DJs ten interchangeable, metal, ‘wedding-ready’ GOBOs, allowing them to add a romantic atmosphere to weddings and other occasions.

The EZgobo also accepts custom GOBOs, the images for which can be printed onto transparency film. This allows DJs to print their name, company logo or the name of a client or event and project the image onto ceilings, walls and dance-floors – adding a special, memorable touch to their events.

Brighter than the popular CHAUVET DJ EZpin thanks to its 10-watt cool-white LED source, the EZgobo creates vibrant GOBO effects and, with manual zoom, can be used for short- or long-throw applications. With a zoom angle ranging from 16 to 31-degrees, users can adjust the size and intensity of the GOBO effects to suit the venue or event they are working.

Battery-operated and compact, the fixture is ideal for DJs on the road and can be utilised at weddings, corporate events and parties. This versatility is enabled by the unit’s varying mounting options. DJs can use the magnetic base to affix the EZgobo to most metal surfaces, eliminating the time-consuming process of mounting each fixture using clamps. For times the magnetic base is not appropriate, users can also attach the unit to drop ceiling supports using the scissor clip or clamp the unit to pipe and truss.

“Gobos are an important part of a mobile entertainer’s show, adding an extra element of personality and fun to any performance,” said Allan Reiss, senior product manager of CHAUVET DJ. “One of the really nice things about the EZgobo is that it gives you the flexibility to use gobos anywhere. It’s compact, so it’s great for tight spaces; it’s got a magnetic base so it can be attached to most metal surfaces, plus it has a scissor clip with an eye loop for easy attachment to ceilings – and since it’s a wireless, battery-powered product you don’t have to worry about the availability of nearby power outlets.”

In terms of operation, the EZgobo comes with an IRC-6 remote control included. DJs can then operate the fixture from a place in the venue convenient to them, with the remote offering them control over on/off and dimming.

The EZgobo weighs just 1kg, making it a compact and lightweight fixture for mobile DJs to take on the road with them.

Published: 27 November 2014


£7.99 (INC P&P)