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CHAUVET PVP Video Panels for Groove Armada at Life
Earlier this year CHAUVET Professional PVP™ LED video panel technology was specified by Dublin-based company, Just Lite Productions, to illuminate the main stage area at Ireland’s Life Festival for the exclusively electronic music line-up, headlined by London’s Groove Armada.

The back of stage area was rigged with 48 CHAUVET Professional PVP™ S7 LED video panels to create a 6 by 2 metre screen. The PVP™ S7 is a solid, high definition video panel with black face SMD LEDs and a tight pixel pitch of 7.8 millimetres, ideal for a high-ambiance festival setting where high-resolution graphics and a high contrast ratio are required. The panels achieve equally crisp images in short- and long-viewing applications, as well as in the dark and in daylight.

The front of the DJ box featured CHAUVET Professional PVP™ S5 LED video panels, providing a superb contrast with its tighter 5.2mm pixel pitch, perfect for shorter viewing distances. Again, the common PVP video technology with its blackface SMD LEDs countered the high ambience and presented highly defined graphics to the full scope of the audience. A total of 16 CHAUVET Professional PVP™ S5 LED video panels created a 4 by 1 metre screen. The screen configuration was controlled, and high definition content driven, via two Avolites Ai media servers.

Darren Kavanagh, Just Lite’s video technician for the event, confirmed, “The Chauvet PVP screens were bright, the images really sharp and clear. The result was really high definition and looked great from both the back of the crowd and up close. They were easy to rig and easy to run – Chauvet make it so easy to use their products: high quality and simple to use.”

The Life Festival, located against the backdrop of the beautiful lakeside scenery of Co. Westmeath’s Belvedere House Gardens and Park Mullingar, showcased the finest electronic artists over a three-day, open-air weekend.

Published: 26 September 2014