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Introducing the Gloriously stylish GigBar
German furniture designers Glorious have created a rather stylish new DJ Booth – the Glorious GigBar. The simple design combines a solid MDF structure with a stylish acrylic front panel, which means that not only does it look good, but it’s also practical and convenient. With the aim to design more than just simple storage spaces for turntables, CD players, mixers or DJ controllers Glorious have hit the mark with this great looking and well-built piece of furniture.

Glorious offers high quality wood and metal pieces of furniture refined with high class finishes and stylish illumination, all catering to the needs and dimensions of turntables, keyboards and controllers. Despite the fancy design the functionality is guaranteed shown by the well-designed laptop stand, headphone holder and convenient cable conduit. Although not it’s primary purpose, it could also be used as a stylish portable booth by mobile DJs.

The MDF unit, available in black or white, is finished off with an aluminium support bar to stabilise the table. All your wires and equipment are cleverly hidden behind the acrylic front panel which gives this booth a modern stylish finish – a real eye-catcher. At 32Kg it is just about manageable to move from your van to your gig, although a roadie would be essential - with dimensions of 109.5 x 100.5 x 49.3cm it isn’t really a one man job. But, nonetheless the fact that it doesn’t dismantle easily gives this piece of furniture its stability and leaves you secure in the knowledge that your equipment is protected. It also cuts down your set up time which is always a plus.

It can comfortably fit two Turntables, two CD Players, or a Controller alongside a DJ mixer (up to 14” wide), allowing you to work or play in comfort. The acrylic front panel can house an LED kit, available as an added extra, which illuminates the table in a variety of colours. The integrated cable cavity as well as the pre-mounted connector strip tucks cables neatly out of sight.

The Glorious GigBar, which could be used as a stylish alternative to a standard mobile DJ booth or take pride of place in a DJ’s home as a piece of furniture, is available to order now. It is distributed in the UK by Henley Pro:

Published: 18 July 2014
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£7.99 (INC P&P)