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HB-Laser Merges with Laserworld Group
Laserworld, a world-leader in the field of show laser light system manufacture and distribution, has this week announced the merging of German company HB-Laser into the Laserworld Group.

The group, which spans the globe, includes a number of companies, all of which are able to maintain their independence, by keeping their identity and brand structures, while further focussing on their core business fields. Laserworld believes that HB-Laser, which is one of the leading suppliers in the German market, fits this philosophy well and Laserworld CEO Martin Werner – who has overseen several acquisitions and the foundation of new companies within the Laserworld Group – sees an obvious trend.

“In an increasingly difficult niche market, consolidating is essential to finding a way to be competitive and at the same time provide products that perfectly meet the requirements of the customers,” Werner says. “Achieving this in a specialized industry, such as ours, is only possible with a strong team of highly qualified individuals – and Laserworld provides the ideal framework for this."

HB-Laser itself was founded twenty-five years ago by Harald Bohlinger and has since become one of the veteran companies in the show laser light industry, with its core abilities lying not only in the development and manufacture of professional show laser light systems but also in multimedia and laser show production services. The achievements and merits of the company have been rewarded with over thirty-two national and international awards.

Lutz Bartl, CEO at HB-Laser, expects more than one big step forward for the company following the merger: “Despite substantial market changes in our industry over the past years, we at HB-Laser were always up to date with innovations; we drove them forward and developed new products and solutions,” he explains. “We also saw Laserworld completely changing the whole show laser light market, in a very short time. We are now in the position to participate in this and increase our presence in the market and industry – the advantages for our customers are more than obvious!”

Laserworld and HB-Laser both hope that the rearrangement of the Laserworld Group will bring up promising new potential and that its well-established marketing structures, as well as its sales network, will be bolstered by HB-Laser's experience and knowledge. Not only on a technical level, but also where customer support in project planning, and the implementation of laser and multimedia show productions, is concerned. The two companies are also looking to achieve further synergy across many other areas, including development, manufacturing, purchase, logistics and sales.

Published: 15 July 2014


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