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Pioneer DJ Launches Free rekordbox 3.0 Update
Version 3.0 of Pioneer DJ's popular rekordbox software incorporates a number of new features, including My Tag and in-software mixing, to offer DJs more accessibility and easier music management.

The latest rekordbox update is the company’s biggest yet, with rekordbox 3.0 forming Pioneer DJ’s next generation of set preparation software.

Launched in 2009, the original rekordbox software has been used by thousands of DJs worldwide to manage their music, as well as to prepare their sets, with the software analysing BPM, beat position and key information, and letting DJs add cues, loops and beat countdowns. It also allows DJs to review their performances afterwards. However, following its popularity, the company has taken on board five years’ worth of feedback from DJs of all types in order to make rekordbox 3.0 more intuitive than its predecessor. Version 3.0 has a new GUI, easier ways to manage and edit playlists, and the ability to search for and select the top tracks for a mix. When used on Pioneer players, such as the flagship CDJ-2000NXS, rekordbox-prepared tracks can help DJs get more from their sets, with instant waveforms, BPM information, and quantised loops and cues.

Pioneer’s rekordbox 3.0 improves on previous versions with a number of practical new features. My Tag allows DJs to create and add tags to tracks, or choose from preset tags. Match enables users to link compatible tracks so that the software will suggest them as good matches in the future, while Related Tracks suggests songs that meet the user’s criteria (BPM, key, genre, etc). The new 2-Player mode allows DJs to quickly audition mixes using the in-software crossfader. Playlist Palette lets users view and edit up to five playlists simultaneously and Sync Manager enables one-click syncing of track information across all devices and software. In addition to these new key features, Pioneer DJ have also made controls more intuitive with cue point customisation and a Beat Jump feature, as well as improved performance with tighter beat grid accuracy and faster exports to HDD.

This increase in speed and convenience makes rekordbox 3.0 especially suited to mobile DJs who are on the move and often need to load in new tracks quickly; DJs can take the software from gig to gig, easily syncing tracks and playlists between rekordbox, storage devices, and music software (including iTunes) as well as DJ hardware.

Users can download rekordbox 3.0 now, free of charge, from:

Published: 03 July 2014


£7.99 (INC P&P)