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Kam Launches Three New Laser Effects
Kam has announced the release of three new professional colour lasers, furthering its current range of successful multi-effect units. The company’s three new offerings comprise two 3D effect lasers and one professional colour animation laser – the latter of which, the Energy SD1, has been designed by Kam specifically with DJs mind.

Combining eight laser effects into one fixture, Kam’s Laserscan Hyper 3D creates vivid mid-air and projected effects with its 1500mW Class 4 laser made up of red 550mW (638nm), green 150mW (532nm) and blue 800mW (450nm). Its eight effects modes are: wide-angle Star Cluster, Kaleidoscope, Northern Lights, Multi-Grating, Wide Beam Grating, Spirostart, Classic Beam In-Air Tunnel, and Hyper 3D projection. The Laserscan Hyper 3D features ILDA inputs and allows full DMX512 control, as well as Sound-to-Light operation via its built in microphone. Master/Slave mode allows multiple fixtures to be synchronised for a larger laser show, while built-in patterns allow mobile DJs to easily try out different effects. An adjustable hanging bracket and safety chain loops also make the fixture suitable for mobile DJs to hang from truss, or even up in the rafters, while keeping the fixture safe from falling.

With a 1500mW output using the latest laser technology (equivalent to a standard 2K laser), the Energy SD1’s effect is created from the same laser diodes as the Laserscan Hyper 3D: red 550mW (638nm), green 150mW (532nm) and blue 800mW (450nm). The Energy SD1 is a powerful professional Class 4 laser fixture capable of high-quality animations. Users can add their own animations via SD memory card input or take full control of their laser show using professional software control connected via the ILDA input on the rear. The included SD card contains an extensive list of animated patterns, pictures and text files specifically chosen for events and situations in which mobile DJs find themselves. These include text projections for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs, Diwali, Hogmanay, New Year count-downs, Halloween, hen and stag nights, prom nights, graduations, national holidays, awards, and retirement.

The laser’s Image Zoom feature allows users to scale animations to the environment they’re working in and, thanks to full DMX512 operation (24 DMX channels with dual layer compatibility), the Kam Energy SD1 can be integrated into a mobile DJ’s setup and operated as part of a wider lightshow. Alternatively, users can make the most of the easy-to-use controller with LCD display which features on the rear of the unit to select Auto and Sound-to-Light modes that offer further operational flexibility. The same hanging bracket and safety chain loop as the Laserscan Hyper 3D mean that mobile DJs can hang the Energy SD1 in various positions while keeping the fixture safe from falling.

The third of Kam’s new laser products is the Laserscan 1000 3D V2, which is an update of its previous 1000 3D model, giving users a Class 4 3D laser with a powerful 750mW output (brighter than the original model) and five effects in one. This 750mW output is made up of red 150mW (638nm), green 100mW (532nm) and blue 500mW (450nm). The unit’s five different effects modes are: Kaleidoscope, Northern Lights, Multi-Grating, Classic Flat Beam In-Air Tunnel, and Hyper 3D projections. Similarly to the other new models, the Laserscan 1000 3D V2 offers users ILDA compatibility, as well as DMX512 control, Sound-to-Light operation via a built-in microphone, Master/Slave mode, and a number of built-in patterns.

Along with the adjustable hanging bracket and safety chain loop, these features make the Laserscan 1000 3D V2 – along with the Hyper 3D and the Energy SD1 – particularly suitable to the needs of the mobile DJ who wants to integrate laser effects as part of an extensive lightshow in order to create special effects for their audience. All three of these new fixtures from Kam weigh in at approximately 4.2Kg, making them easy to transport and lift; offering mobile DJs a range of both powerful and practical colour lasers.

Published: 10 June 2014


£5.00 (INC P&P)