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Algoriddim djay 2 Adds Spotify Streaming
Algoriddim has announced a major update to its ‘djay 2’ software for iPhone and iPad with Spotify Premium-subscribed users now being able to mix millions of tracks using their Apple device or their professional DJ hardware, thanks to the huge catalogue of stream-able music and the newfound integration between the two products.

The djay app is Algoriddim’s flagship product and the bestselling DJ app in the world, popular with consumers, professional DJs and renowned artists across Mac and iOS platforms. Spotify is the most successful music streaming service of its kind globally, with over forty-million active users, ten-million paying subscribers, and twenty-million tracks available.

By integrating Spotify and djay 2, the companies have been able to create a number of features which will make DJing more accessible for beginners while furthering the experience of more experienced users. A new track recommendation tool, called Match, powered by The Echo Nest (Spotify’s recent acquisition), is one such feature; recommending tracks that go well with whatever the user is currently playing, based on BPM, key, style, ‘danceability’, and how well the two songs will mix – allowing DJs of any level to create professional-sounding mixes. Users can then utilise over thirty new beat-synchronised audio effects (available via In-App Purchase) and real-time audio manipulation to add effects to both local tracks on iTunes and streamed music from Spotify.

A feature which will perhaps cause a little contention between mobile DJs is the Automix Radio in djay 2, which selects tracks that are well-suited and mixes them together using beat-matched, club DJ-style transitions, allowing users to click one button, step back and hear their favourite tracks being automatically mixed. Users can then share these set lists through social media; via Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.

“Not only can Spotify Premium users DJ millions of songs, but they’ll also enjoy real-time, intelligent suggestions on what to play next, powered by The Echo Nest’s analysis of all the music on Spotify,” says Sten Garmark, VP of Product at Spotify. “djay 2 will help DJs and regular music enthusiasts, regardless of their skill level, select the perfect songs for their set – or simply lean back and let djay 2 turn any Spotify playlist into a slick DJ set for parties or private listening."

Spotify integration with djay 2 also gives users access to all their existing playlists, starred tracks and inbox (allowing audiences to send requests), as well as other well-known Spotify features such as searches, top lists, and genre and mood playlists. Users can also switch between Spotify and their iTunes library, as well as use tracks from both sources to mix with.

For mobile DJs, the djay 2 app supports a range of professional DJ gear; allowing them to mix tracks from the cloud using jog wheels, tactile knobs, and buttons. Pioneer, Reloop, and Numark are just some of the companies whose hardware can be used to control djay 2.

“Having more than 20 million songs instantly at your fingertips is a DJ’s dream come true. It gives djay 2 users endless creative possibilities and elevates the artform of DJing to a new level,” Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim, explains. “The power of The Echo Nest driving track selection brings a new tool to the DJ that I could not have ever imagined possible. It truly helps to discover, explore, and find great new music that sounds amazing together.”

The djay 2 app is available to download from the App Store. All existing djay 2 users can upgrade for free to enable djay 2 with Spotify integration on their iPhone or iPad. Spotify Premium subscription is needed to access the Spotify music catalogue.

Published: 28 May 2014


£5.00 (INC P&P)