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ADJ Jelly Globe Reimagines Classic Mirror Ball
Adding to its Jelly Series, ADJ has released its new take on the classic mirror ball; the transparent, slow-rotating Jelly Globe. The futuristic-looking globe is equipped with modern technology and features a two-in-one effect, offering mobile DJs a simple but effective lighting solution.

ADJ has fitted out its latest release with two 3-watt (RGB) tri-LEDs which enable the whole surface of the Jelly Globe to glow while sharp beams of color are projected from the unit, resulting in two simultaneous effects. These beam effects will scatter the walls and floor of a venue with patterns of color and can easily be enhanced through use in conjunction with fog or smoke as part of a mobile DJ’s wider setup.

The Jelly Globe produces fifteen sound-activated beams that can change color and produce an LED strobe effect, making the fixture well-suited to house parties, private functions and other intimate environments where a party atmosphere for young clientele is needed. With rotation of up to 5RPM, users can spin the fixture at varying speeds, depending on the event-type or music tempo, so the Jelly Globe can meet the needs of mobile DJs looking for an all-round effect which can be used at a range of events. For those needing to cover a larger area, ADJ has designed the Jelly Globe to have a wide 330-degree beam spread as well as a tight beam angle, and multiple fixtures used in unison will help the effect reach further.

With built-in pre-programmed lightshows, the Jelly Globe is easy to operate and mobile DJs can have it set up quickly, putting the effects into action immediately; making for a quick setup and speedy tear-down. The fixture also operates at a very low heat level; having been designed for continuous operation, so even if the party goes on longer than planned DJs should find that the Jelly Globe keeps on going. Compared to traditional mirror balls, the ADJ Jelly Globe is easily transportable and lightweight, and, containing a limited amount of glass, the unit is not only practical but also safe.

“ADJ is always trying to reinvent what has gone before and with the Jelly Globe we’ve taken the idea of the classic disco ball, given it two-in-one effects, and in the process made both a more exciting and more practical fixture,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA. “The Jelly Globe is perfect for nightclubs and bars, mobile entertainers, and environments like house parties or private functions. By creating a transparent glowing surface and allowing sharp beams to shoot out, we’ve given users two effects in one.”

Mobile DJs may find that the ADJ Jelly Globe is well-suited to their often-varying needs; from weddings to eighteenth birthdays to private functions or house parties. With its two-in-one effects, low maintenance, and portability, ADJ’s Jelly Globe is a practical alternative to the mirror ball; offering a twenty-first century twist on an old-school lighting effect and giving mobile DJs some fun effects to work with.

Published: 26 May 2014


£5.00 (INC P&P)