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ADJ Go Crazy! Introducing New Crazy 8 Moving Head
ADJ has released its latest LED moving head fixture: the Crazy 8. Capable of producing eight tight 4.5-degree beams of light from 8W white LED sources over two individually controlled moving bars of four LEDs, the Crazy 8 allows users to create a range of effects and chases with which to fill a room or dance-floor.

The Crazy 8 features powerful LED light sources and 8-zone chasing to give users tight white beams and mid-air effects, making it favourable to the needs of mobile DJs looking to add ‘zing’ to their lightshow. ADJ’s inclusion of smooth motors allows for panning and independent tilt movements, so the fixture can move fluently to send its beams shooting out in various directions. In addition to this, dimming, pulsing and strobing effects make the Crazy 8 particularly suitable for those DJing parties for younger clientele.

ADJ’s new moving head offers four operational modes: DMX-controlled, Show, Sound Active and Master/Slave. For those wanting to avoid the technicalities of DMX-programming, multiple fixtures can follow the master unit, using Master/Slave mode, for a synchronised light show. Sound Active mode features a number of built-in programs, including LED pulse and strobe effects, whilst Show mode allows the pre-programmed patterns to run at a constant user-selected speed.

The DMX-controlled mode on the Crazy 8 gives users the choice of five DMX channel modes (1, 9, 12, 15 & 21), each offering an increasing level of control. The simple 1 channel mode allows remote selection of four pre-programmed light shows, whilst the 9 channel option provides independent control of the fixture’s 540-degree panning movement and two separate 150-degree tilt movements. This mode also offers control over 0-100% dimming, variable speed strobing and the selection of 16 pre-programmed LED chase patterns, with speed control. The 12 channel mode adds separate control over dimming on the top and bottom rows of LEDs as well as the ability to select from five different dimming curves. Using the 15 channel mode adds fine pan and tilt control, with the micro-stepper motors offering precise movement and positioning. Finally, the 21 channel mode allows further control, with users able to blackout or adjust the dimming for each of the individual LEDs. The fixture also features a back-lit four button LED DMX menu – for clear DMX-addressing and mode selection – and is compatible with the separately sold ADJ UC3 easy-to-use controller.

For mobile DJs who prefer to avoid the hassle of DMX-programming, but still want to achieve a quality lightshow for their audience, pan invert and independent bar tilt invert can be used to add perceived complexity to a master/slave show without the need for advanced and time-consuming DMX-programming. Lamp Flip mode can also be activated, allowing users to select a desired starting point for their LEDs to illuminate when running the pre-programmed patterns, with the LEDs chasing left to right or right to left. These features allow synchronised lightshows to be created when multiple fixtures are used together. ADJ has ensured that mobile DJs can daisy chain multiple fixtures safely, with Powercon connections on the rear and multi-voltage operation meaning that up to seven fixtures can run from a single power supply at 230V (or four at 120V).

“ADJ is always trying to stay one step ahead of the game, and for the Crazy 8 we’ve combined two independently moving bars of bright LEDs with quick-sweeping 8-zone LED chasing, giving the user a crazy and truly unique moving head solution,” Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA, explains. “The Crazy 8 is a versatile fixture which can be utilised for a range of applications; club owners will find the wide pan and tilt angles enable the effects to fill their venue and mobile DJs can make the most of the Lamp Flip function and impressive 8-zone chasing, creating an intense atmosphere for their audience, no matter what the function.”

Published: 20 May 2014


£5.00 (INC P&P)