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ADJ Releases New Inno Color Beams
ADJ has released two new fixtures as part of its Inno Series: the Inno Color Beam Z7 and the Inno Color Beam Z19. With the company’s latest moving heads, users can achieve broad washes of light as well as tight beam effects thanks to the inclusion of quad-colour LEDs and motorised zoom (producing a variable 10-60 degree beam angle).

The more compact of the two new fixtures, the Inno Color Beam Z7, features seven powerful 10W quad-colour (RGBW) Osram Ostar LEDs, providing mobile DJs with a portable unit capable of producing moving beams and (using a wider beam angle) a far-reaching wash effect. Users will find that a large 4-button backlit LCD display enables selection between the three operational modes – DMX Controlled, Sound Active and Show Mode – as well as control over DMX-addressing.

Those wishing to use the unit as part of a wider lightshow can link together Z7s for Master/Slave operation and both pan and tilt movement can be inverted to give a synchronised lightshow, allowing mobile DJs to provide a professional-looking show without the hassle of DMX programming. The inversion feature can also be used to set up two fixtures – one of the floor and the other hung from above – so that they both move in the same direction.

Offering a wide range of vibrant colours, 64 built-in colour macros allow users to easily select the right RGBW mix. The fixture, which offers 220-degree tilt and 540-degree pan, uses stepper motors with micro stepping to allow 16-bit fine pan and tilt control; giving users greater precision when it comes to movement and positioning. The unit also offers 0-100% digital dimming as well as variable speed strobing and strobe pulse effects. IEC in/out connectors also mean that the power supply for multiple fixtures can be daisy-chained (8 at 230V) safely to reduce the number of cables needed to setup a lightshow.

ADJ offers similar features with the Inno Color Beam Z19, but with nineteen quad-colour Osram Ostar LEDs, rather than seven, the fixture provides more-powerful and further-reaching effects. The same motorised zoom, but a larger fixture overall, means that the beam of the Z19 can provide either a solid shaft of light or a wash effect. With a tight beam angle, the Z19 provides the kind of fast-moving beam effects which are on-trend and popular with the young-adult demographic of clientele, making the model particularly suited to mobile DJs catering to a young audience base.

Due to the likelihood of mobile DJs mounting these larger fixtures hanging from their lighting rig, the LCD menu features a 180-degree inverse mode. This ensures that the menu can be easily read and used to select options and change DMX settings no matter which way up the unit is positioned. The fixture also features both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in/out sockets allowing it to be incorporated into a DMX system using either type of XLR cables. Furthermore, professional PowerCON input/output sockets – which lock into place to ensure cables aren’t accidentally pulled out – are provided to allow multiple fixtures to run from a single power source (up to 11 at 230V).

“At ADJ we are always trying to push things forward. We’ve fitted both the Inno Color Beam Z7 and Z19 with 10W quad-colour Osram Ostar LEDs to offer users unbeatable power and brightness – at an affordable price,” Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA explains. “By giving both fixtures motorised zoom to enable varying beam angles, users can now use the moving heads to create both focussed beams of light and a far-reaching wash effect, offering an adaptable lighting solution no matter what the venue. Plus, users will experience the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from ADJ in these two Moving Head zoom fixtures.”

Published: 14 May 2014
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


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