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Simon Cowell’s ‘Ultimate DJ’ Competition to Go Ahead
According to recent news, Simon Cowell’s company, Syco Entertainment, has teamed up with SFX Entertainment and T-Mobile to launch a competition to find the next biggest DJ talent. Originally rumoured to be in development back in 2012, it now looks like Cowell’s DJ contest will go ahead soon.

Syco - one of the world’s biggest music, film and television production companies - is responsible for some of the largest franchises in the industry, such as The X Factor and the Got Talent series. Since, according to Business Wire, “electronic music is the fastest growing genre” there is no doubt that Cowell, a recently turned father-of-one, has intentions to build his Syco Empire by capitalising on the global appeal of the genre.

The competition will begin online; with hopefuls invited to submit ‘productions’ for social media voting. Successful contestants will then go on to live performances and challenges, set to take place in various venues owned by SFX. Robert Sillerman, CEO of SFX, previously co-produced American Idol, which is where he and Simon Cowell became acquainted. SFX is the largest global producer of live events focusing on electronic dance music, with its roster including huge festivals such as Tomorrowland in Belgium (pictured below), Australia’s Stereosonic, and New York’s Electric Zoo. “It made complete sense for us to collaborate with SFX with their access to the best up-and-coming DJs and their great marketing platform to build new DJ talent” Cowell said.

Inspired by the mobile revolution that T-Mobile is driving, Sillerman stated that, “we share a vision of challenging the status quo and pioneering new territory in business, media and entertainment.” Whilst John Legere CEO of T-Mobile expanded on this vision by saying, “our customers spend a lot of time listening to music on their devices, so you can expect us to take on entertainment and music in our typical bold and aggressive, un-carrier style.” It appears that there is a common ethos when it comes to the direction each company plans on taking, with Cowell commenting, “I’m delighted to have T-Mobile on board with their brilliant vision and innovation.”

Worries of the venture becoming a negative worldwide influence on the culture associated with electronic music have led to a petition, headed by DJ Twiggy Garcia via, calling for Syco to “stop raping music and its surrounding culture”. Despite this backlash, there will no doubt be a mass of supporters for what will be another commercial enterprise and most likely become the latest top trending television show when it finally airs in the not too distant future.

Published: 13 May 2014
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