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Pro Light Concepts Deliver New Acme Dynamic 25 Series
Pro Light Concepts has released its new Acme Dynamic 25 Series, which includes Scan, Roller Barrel, and Spin lighting fixtures, all of which are powered by 25W CREE LEDs and can be synchronised to form a professional-looking coloured lightshow.

Each of the three new fixtures is powered by a single 25W CREE LED, enabling users to fill dance-floors or venues with colour. This CREE technology makes for an overall brighter, more powerful beam, which can be utilised by mobile DJs to cut through other coloured lighting effects as part of a more extensive lightshow and will also pierce through fog or smoke to create stunning light beams.

With 8 large GOBOs, the Dynamic 25 Series fixtures offer extra light output and effects similar to larger lighting units whilst remaining compact, making them especially suitable for the portable needs of the mobile DJ. For an easy control solution, the optional Acme CA-8 hand controller allows the user to select or hold these GOBOs and colours, as well as select programs and trigger a strobe effect.

Each fixture has three operational modes – DMX, Sound Active, and Master/Slave, so it can be used as part of a DMX-controlled lightshow or, when in Sound Active mode, the units can cycle through their own built-in programs – useful for users who want to avoid the complexities of DMX-programming. Any of the fixtures in the series can link together for master/slave operation, so mobile DJs can mix and match to build up a more extensive setup suited to their needs, which will perform as a synchronised lightshow with which to entertain their audiences. The fixtures can then be commanded via the on-board microphone for sound active operation or controlled via a CA-8. (In Master/Slave mode, when using either the Dynamic Scans or Spins combined with the Roller Barrel, the Barrel must always be the master unit.)

“The Dynamic 25 Series is the ultimate synchronised system for any mobile entertainer who wants a professional looking light show which is easily affordable yet powerful enough to fill most rooms,” Bernie Marsh, General Manager of Pro Light Concepts, explains.

DMX-control for the Dynamic 25 Spin requires 4 control channels, covering strobing, GOBO selection, GOBO rotation, and 0-100% dimming. The Dynamic 25 Scan uses 5 channels, allowing users to control pan and tilt; strobing (including open and close speeds and blackout); GOBO selection, shake and rotation speed; and 0-100% dimming. The Dynamic 25 Roller Barrel also makes use of 5 DMX channels, offering similar control options to that of the Dynamic 25 Scan.

The Series offers a range of other features, including 4 push button LED menus, IEC In/Out sockets to allow power daisy chaining, and manual focus – offering DJs further accessibility and control.

Published: 05 May 2014


£5.00 (INC P&P)