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Aloe Blacc Remixes Coca-Cola’s World Cup Anthem
Coca-Cola has teamed up with Aloe Blacc to release a new version of its 2014 World Cup anthem. ‘The World Is Ours’, originally by David Corrie (X Factor US finalist) and Monobloco (Brazilian percussion band), has been mashed-up with Aloe Blacc’s version of ‘Hello World’ to re-invent an exciting and diverse sound.

Rock Mafia wrote ‘The World Is Ours’, but all the remaining contributors originated from 2014 World Cup host nation, Brazil, hence its felicitous Latin-American influence. “Aloe brought something different to this version – more depth and a different perspective”, Correy stated. Director of Global Entertainment Marketing at Coco-Cola, Joe Belliotti, said “we’re delighted to be partnering with Aloe Blacc to help us bring the story of the World’s Cup to life though music.” However, this catchy song isn’t to be confused with FIFA’s Official Song, ‘We Are One (Ole Ola)’ by Pitbull, or their Official Anthem, ‘Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)’ by Santana!

The upbeat vibrancy and catchy feel of this track creates a universal flavour. As it becomes widely recognised across the globe it is hoped it will play a part in raising the morale across the World Cup community and encourage an air of unity around the competition. Aloe said he wanted “to make a new composition that we could share.” This collaboration was intended to appeal to different cultures and allow them to relish and appreciate the occasion. David Corrie said, “you can close your eyes and see that song being sung around the world.” The anthem features on the Coca-Cola soundtrack to the FIFA World Cup and has travelled the globe alongside the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. During this tour, a collection of artists from various cultures placed their own spin on the track subsequently producing a further 24 versions of ‘The World Is Ours’.

Aloe Blacc said in the Coca-Cola press release “the passion behind my music comes from a desire to make people dance, smile and sing. I take inspiration from all genres of music and my style is pretty diverse. Working on this anthem has given me the opportunity to fuse the sounds of Brazil with different musical influences. 'The World Is Ours' captures everything that music should be - inclusive, exciting and uplifting.” Belliotti added, “this song has more stamps in its passport than any other song out there. Our ambition for ‘The World Is Ours’ has always been to bring the sounds of Brazil to the world and in return, the sounds of the world back to Brazil.”

The World Is Ours is now out on iTunes and as part of ‘One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Album’ (which also includes the Pitbull and Satana tracks).

Published: 04 May 2014


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