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Le Maitre’s G300 Celebrates 20 Years of Smoke and Haze
Le Maitre is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its renowned G300 Smoke Machine by looking back over two decades of its use as an international industry-standard product – one still favoured today (with the sales figures to prove it) and used as a bench-mark for newer products.

Developed and designed by brainbox, Dave Roffey (who continues to work at Le Maitre today), the G300 was the company’s second generation high-powered machine and the product which set the standard for other companies to match. This success was due to Le Maitre achieving a numbers of ‘firsts’. With the G300 came the company’s Genesis ‘layered block system’ (which is where the ‘G’ comes from) and this system is still used in their machines today. The G300 was also the first digital smoke machine, the first to use a fluid-level sensor, and the first to use microprocessor control. Due to the increasing focus on haze within the industry at the time, Le Maitre also worked a ‘haze’ option into the G300, making it the first smoke machine to feature this combination.

As if all these features of this unique smoke and haze machine weren’t enough, the G300 became even more versatile when Le Maitre introduced its Freezefog Pro. Combining the two units with liquid CO2 created a complete new low smoke generator system capable of producing spectacular volumes of a low fog effect.

Due to the company’s efforts, the G300 became an immediate success. The fixture has since been widely adopted by a number of industries, being used for a variety of purposes.

Fire and Rescue services were amongst the first to specify the G300 as their preferred machine for training and it continues to be widely used in emergency simulation exercises, such as breathing apparatus training. The machines are also NATO-codified and used in training by military forces. Before the public opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994, it was G300s that were used to check the ventilation system.

In a more commercial sense, theme parks have used the machines as a key part of their effects systems, with Universal Studios using the G300 for their ET and King Kong rides. Disney theme parks, also, have used it not only as a smoke machine/hazer, but have had it adapted to give a realistic steam effect. Theatres, touring companies and cruise ships also favour the G300, not only for its ruggedness and high output but also for its water-based fluids and safe smoke.

Published: 14 April 2014


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