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Happy Mondays’ Bez Stands For MP
Despite never having put pen to a ballot paper himself, Mark Berry - better known as ‘Bez’ - from The Happy Mondays has declared his intentions to stand as MP for Salford and Eccles in the 2015 election. If he manages to win the vote he’ll replace Labour MP, Hazel Blears.

You’re probably thinking that since Bez himself has never voted before, how does he have the audacity to think he’s in with a chance? Surprisingly, as controversial as the whole idea may seem, this guy manages to address some legitimate political issues. Even though what he has to say may not be so clearly and concisely communicated to the public (in spoken English) his points have been eloquently covered. The reason he gives for not voting in the past is that he feels there has never been anyone worth voting for who supported his own values.

Through Bez’s own experience of protesting about issues close to his heart, he has come to realise that taking action can have far more effective results. He said “there's no good shouting about it when you're not actually doing anything. If you want to do something about things, you've got to get into the corridors of power and take them on.”

Beginning his appeal by raising the issue of fracking, he has voiced his concern over the dangers to the environment. By attending an anti-fracking campaign, at Barton-Moss Camp in Manchester (armed with a crate of vegan beer), he managed to raise the spirits of protestors and bring some press coverage to his ‘green’ efforts. Bez’s objective is to give local people - who support anti-fracking but are afraid to attend the demonstrations, due to actions of the police – the chance to voice their opinion by voting for him.

In a recent interview he was questioned by a BBC journalist as to whether he would claim expenses if he won the seat in parliament and replied “If I ever do get in power, I would completely end the banking system. There would be expenses but they’d be, like, bus passes and train passes… and you’ll, you know, behave like the people and you’ll be in touch with the people… and you’ll move with the people… and you’ll understand the people. You don’t live in a cocoon of luxury and wealth of your own making, and total disregard of everybody else.”

Despite his successful career in iconic band The Happy Mondays, he has (on the flip-side) a reputation for recreational drug use and incompetent English skills. Has this aspiring politician really got what it takes to be successful in his bid for power? Only time will tell…

Published: 04 April 2014


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