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DuraTruss Launches New Portable Staging System
DuraTruss is set to launch a new range of portable staging systems: PRO-STAGE platforms. Aiming to provide users with a lightweight but robust staging solution, the DuraStage PRO-STAGE platforms are designed to be used both as touring stages and as part of permanent installations.

The stages have a TÜV-tested loading capacity of 500kg/m² and are solid enough to withstand heavy loads for any type of performance, with DuraTruss ensuring that the stages are durable and built to last. Aside from their strength and durability, the stages feature a number of appealing practicalities. A universal aluminium profile with module clamps allows for setup in seconds and adjustable legs resolve the issue of uneven floor with the simple turn of a screw; ideal for mobile DJs operating in marquees or other outdoor wedding situations where rough ground is an issue. The stages’ black anti-slip surface is permanently waterproof, making outdoor use, in all types of weather, just as safe as indoor.

DuraTruss has also added an element of customisation to their latest range. The DuraStage PRO-STAGE platforms come in many different shapes, allowing users to design their own unique stage, whilst a wide range of accessories – including various types of stairs, rails, connectors and adapters, as well as a wide range of legs – complete the line. Thanks to the compatibility of DuraStage parts, users who already own an earlier model can easily extend it with affordable, quality stage modules.

“Our customers expect a high quality level from our products and with the new PRO-STAGE platforms we offer that,” said Karsten Steinbach, Sales and Marketing Manager at DuraTruss Europe. “The platforms are made to last and the flexibility is endless. TÜV-approval has also given the user an added level of confidence.”

Ideal for mobile DJs who need a solid but lightweight staging solution, the PRO-STAGE range from DuraStage gives users this stability, whilst providing them with reliable hardware, such as clamps and adjustable legs, and practicalities such as their anti-slip surface. Users can also rest assured that no matter which model they buy, a range of well-built, compatible accessories can be used to further extend their staging capabilities.

The DuraStage PRO-STAGE platforms will be available from April 2014.

Published: 27 March 2014


£25.00 (INC P&P)