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New LED Effects
Prolight Concepts have recently announced the expansion of their ‘Equinox’ range with the launch of four new DMX compatible LED powered effects lighting units. Named Radon, Krypton, Cobalt and Carbon, each offers a different effect utilising a varying number of LEDs.

The Radon is the cheapest and also most compact of the four units, measuring 290 x 230 x 120mm and weighing 3.3kg. It features 64 5mm LEDs made up of 32 red, 20 green and 12 blue. It offers a range of pre-programmed patterns to produce mid-air effects and for projection onto surfaces such as walls, ceilings or floors.

The Krypton is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the Radon, measuring 370 x 175 x 155mm and weighing 3.6kg. It is a simple LED moonflower effect, with 27 LEDs (9 red, 9 blue and 9 green) arranged in a circular pattern. Although it has fewer LEDs than the Radon, the Krypton’s LEDs are larger and brighter 10mm versions. This creates more powerful beams and larger, more even, projected circles of light.

The Cobalt is larger and heavier again, with a case measuring 330 x 230 x 230mm and weighing in at 5kg. It uses the same larger, brighter, LEDs as the Kyrpton, but lots more of them. Altogether there are 156, split between 48 red, 36 green, 36 blue and 36 white. The resulting effect is a dance-floor filling blaze of light with a varied collection of pre-programmed patterns.

At the top of the new range is the Carbon, which utilises the same external casing as the Cobalt. Inside the unit features the same smaller 5mm LEDs as the Radon, but it has three times as many. It projects a range of complicated patterns that are perfect for livening up a dance floor.

Look out for a full review in issue 29 (May/June) of Pro Mobile.

Published: 16 April 2008