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ADJ Put a New ‘Spin’ on Old-School Lighting
Rotating balls that shoot coloured beams in all directions have long been a mainstay of club/DJ lighting effects. Now ADJ is putting a new spin on this popular classic with the Jelly Cosmos Ball, an LED-powered twin rotating ball effect that has each of its spheres housed in a unique see-through plastic case.

The Jelly Cosmos Ball’s transparent casing makes it two exciting effects in one. First, it’s a powerful traditional dual rotating ball effect that utilizes 4 x 3-watt RGB TRI Colour LEDs to shoot sharp, coloured beams in all directions 360° around the room. Second, since its spheres glow through their clear cases like colourful jellyfish – thus the ‘Jelly’ in name – the fixture itself is mesmerizing and intriguing to look at, making it a real conversation piece.

Easy-to-use and highly affordable, the Jelly Cosmos Ball is great for parties, clubs and virtually any mobile application that calls for fun, colourful visuals. The compact, lightweight unit is the latest addition to ADJ’s popular and innovative Jelly Series of effects encased in transparent housings.

“Combining a classic dual rotating ball effect with our see-through Jelly-style case puts a new twist on an old-school effect,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA. “This latest addition to our Jelly series of products will bring pure lighting excitement to any party. Once people see it start to change colours, they won’t be able to take their eyes off it. In fact, this glowing piece of eye-candy looks so appealing, they just might want to eat it! Plus, the Jelly Cosmos Ball is super-easy to operate and it has all the great benefits offered by LED technology, including high energy efficiency and brilliant RGB colour production.”

The Jelly Cosmos Ball requires no controller or user programming. Once turned on, it rotates and changes colours automatically as it cycles through a preset sequence of spellbinding effects. Users can change the Jelly Cosmos Ball’s rotation rate (up to 35 RPM) by adjusting the variable speed knob located on the unit. When operated in Sound Active mode, it will spin and change colours to match the beat of the music.

Because it uses LEDs, the Jelly Cosmos Ball has a lot of advantages over old-style rotating-ball effects, including an incredibly low energy consumption rating of just 18.4 watts. The unit’s RGB TRI-Colour LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours and virtually never need maintenance or replacing. And, thanks to its low heat emission, the Jelly Cosmos Ball can run all night without duty cycles. Compactly designed for easy portability, the Jelly Cosmos Ball measures 338 x 134 x 254mm and weighs only 2kg.

Click the link below to see the Jelly Cosmos Ball in action!

Published: 05 December 2013


£5.00 (INC P&P)