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UK's First Sleeping Gig
This week saw the first ever sleeping gig, a 45 minute performance designed to allow the audience to drift off.

48% of all British people recently admitted to needing 8 hours sleep to feel relaxed, but two thirds are currently missing out on their full night’s rest due to worry about finances and work, resorting to watching TV and listening to music in order to fall asleep. To both combat England’s sleep problem and bring classical music to a younger audience, Direct Line has teamed up with Urban Soul Orchestra (pictured below) to create a bespoke playlist of the nation’s favourite songs, designed to relax and send the audience to sleep.

The tracks include a classical take on artists such as Groove Armada, Coldplay, and ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ by Gotye which was voted the number one track to sleep to by the Direct Line Facebook audience. During the sleeping gig, guests relax in day beds and wear eye masks to fully immerse themselves in the music. Creative Director Stephen Hussey commented, “with people using computer generated chill out compilations to wind down, it's clear to see the popularity in music that relaxes us. The Direct Line 'Sleeping Gigs' are bringing this to a whole new level by combining the traditional peaceful elements of orchestra with an event that actively encourages you to relax so much you fall asleep!”

Whilst music lovers often blast their favourite tracks in the car to keep themselves awake, listening to relaxing music is also clinically proven to enhance sleep. Direct Line teamed up with Dr Thomas Chammorro-Premuzic, a UCL expert in human behaviour, to act as the ‘Director of Achievement’ and create a formula for the perfect sleep soundtrack. “Long and repetitive songs with no lyrics and fewer than 80 beats per minute provide the perfect combination for rest. With so many Brits admitting they find it difficult to fall asleep, a carefully created playlist of relaxing songs (or attending the 'Sleeping Gigs') helps the body prepare for sleep by lowering the blood pressure and bringing us into a much more relaxed mental state.”

The 'Sleeping Gigs' are part of the 'Moving Forwards' series of events, which earlier this year featured the Direct Line 'Cinigym' - the UK's first combined cinema and gym.

Published: 11 November 2013
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£7.99 (INC P&P)