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ADJ’s Tiny Micro Image RGB Astounds the Eyes
The new Micro Image RGB from ADJ is a totally unique three colour mini laser effect. Just turn on this compact 1.5Kg unit and it will project intense free-form geometric patterns in dazzling combinations of red, green and blue onto dance-floors, walls and ceilings, instantly transforming any space.

Equipped with three different colour lasers – 80mW (650nm) Red, 30mW (532nm) Blue and 60mW (532nm) Green – the Micro Image RGB can create each of its patterns in multi colours, which is one of the reasons why its effects are so striking and distinctive. Capable of producing 25 different geometric laser patterns and equipped with 15 built-in programs, this little dynamo also offers endless variety, so its lightshow will always remain fresh, tantalising and unpredictable.

Unleashing this wave of laser excitement is as simple as plugging in the unit and flicking it on. The Micro Image RGB will run through its built-in programs in one of two selectable modes – Auto or Sound Active Mode. The laser even comes with its own convenient RF wireless remote controller, so you can be on the other side of the room and still tap into all of its main functions at the press of a button, including: Auto/Sound control; Blackout; Pattern Change (R, R+G, G, G+B, R+B, R+G+B and Random); and Show (program selection). There are also controls on the unit itself, including a button for changing its built-in programs, an adjustable speed knob (slow to fast), and an adjustable microphone sensitivity knob.

Great for bars, DJs, mobile entertainers and house parties, the Micro Image RGB is not only a breeze to operate, it’s also very compact and easy to transport. The latest addition to ADJ’s Micro Series of mini lasers, it measures only 179 x 125 x 62 mm. The Micro Image RGB is equipped with a dual bracket yoke, which gives it the versatility to be hung from overhead or set on the ground.

“For something so small, the Micro Image RGB can make a huge difference at any party, dance or event,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for ADJ Europe. “This is no run-of-the-mill laser effect. With three different colour lasers and 25 exciting patterns, it’s a great way to elevate your event beyond the ordinary with a spectacular lightshow - even if you know nothing about lasers or visual effects.”

Published: 23 October 2013