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Equinox Slender Beam Centrepiece
By James Mackie.
In the last edition of Pro Mobile (Issue 70) there was a review of the Equinox Slender Beam Bar Quad. The review was favourable, with the fixtures key features including its independently-controllable heads and quad-colour LEDs receiving just praise. Since then, Prolight Concepts has released the Equinox Slender Beam Centrepiece, a new addition to the Slender range that takes the best features of the Slender Beam Bar Quad and rearranges them into a centrepiece unit.

The Slender Beam Centrepiece features six moving heads, each housing a 10W CREE quad-colour LED and each with 540⁰ pan and 270⁰ tilt movement. Add to this the concise 4⁰ beam angle, and we have the potential for some bright, tight colour beams and room-filling effects. Achieving these effects is possible in a number of ways, with Equinox having equipped the Slender Beam Centrepiece with Auto, Sound Active and DMX modes, as well as the option of using a CA-8 controller.

In the basic Auto or show mode youll find there are four lightshows to choose from, offering a variety of movements, slow to fast, spread out or concentrated, and utilising different colour combinations. One particular effect that looks great is when the beams cluster together and then spiral, before shooting outwards an attention-grabbing sequence that would look incredible with the unit mounted vertically in the centre of a rig on a goalpost or attached to the ceiling above the dance-floor in a fixed install. Another effective built-in show involves the moving heads using their smooth pan and tilt to swing to and fro, sending coloured beams flitting across the room.

The sound-to-light settings are just as effective, with the fluid movement enabled by the units stepper motors allowing the beams to sweep through the air while running through the four built-in shows. Shooting out from the centre of a lighting rig these beams look incredibly effective, more so when used with fog and haze. The beams themselves are made up of RGBW combinations, with the flexible quad-colour LEDs generating sleek purples, radiant ambers and colder blues and whites. Where the movement is concerned, I found that the heads were responsive, smooth and kept pace with the music, no matter how fast the tempo. At this point I also noticed how quiet the fixture is, with very little noise coming from the moving heads or the main body.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 71, Pages 72-74.


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