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RCF Evox J Series
Let’s face it, speakers are an essential part of any mobile DJ’s set up. Unless you are lucky enough to just turn up and plug into an in-house system, you are having to do the usual schlep night after night hauling your (usually) big black boxes around.

I think it’s fair to say that speakers are one of a DJ’s biggest purchases and one that takes a bit of time and research to find the right pair for you. As I have mentioned time and again, sound is such a personal thing.

I continue to be baffled by the quantity of new products manufacturers churn out – speaker designers are the absolute masters of re-inventing the wheel! Another day, another black box!! Yes, technology has changed a bit, but not all that much realistically. All that has really changed, since the late 1800s when speakers were, invented is the weight.

So what of this issue’s review item, RCF’s Evox J Series? Well, I’m going to keep it brief...

It’s REALLY good...

Ok, well I guess I should say slightly more than that!

I don’t think any of us can argue, when RCF launched the initial Evox range it was a game-changing product. A small and powerful ‘stick’ system that was well-designed, easy to setup, convenient to carry and sounded great. It was clearly designed with the needs of the mobile performer in mind and pretty much ticked most boxes. Evox proved wildly popular, and has become the sound system of choice for many mobile DJs.

Having played with the new J Series, I can confirm that all the above is still true. It retains the ethos of the original Evox but hits a new price point and feature set. The main difference is that J Series is made from ABS moulded plastic rather than wood. This means one thing straight away: it’s cheaper! Evox is now affordable to more people. From a quick snapshot web price comparison, the J8 compared to the Evox 8 will save you well over £250 per side!

I mentioned earlier too about an enhanced feature set. There are actually two variations in the J range. The J8 is a simple plug and play powered speaker setup with very little difference to the original. It features an active bass reflex sub enclosure – packing a 12” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil – alongside a satellite loaded with eight 2” full-range drivers. It offers 1400W of 2-way peak power for a maximum SPL of 128 dB. Meanwhile, the JMIX 8 – you guessed it – has an added mixer. And it’s not just any mixer either, with the JMIX8 you get an impressive in-built 8-channel digital mixer!

Offering four mic channels with DSP effects and two stereo channels, including Bluetooth connection, the JMIX8 really does offer a great deal of flexibility. Each channel has a dedicated level control and input switch and there is also a master level control. The mixer itself features a backlit display that provides VU metering as well as access to the extensive DSP settings and parameters. However it is also possible to connect an iOS / Android app to manage the mix remotely. This advanced level of connectivity and control is ideal for wedding ceremonies and speeches. It’s also perfect for singers and bands, as the JMIX8 also offers a footswitch socket for effects control. What’s more, the mixer is in a useful and useable position on top of the sub cabinet rather than hidden away on the back panel – this really is the perfect GIG box!

Honestly, if you are a singer or small band, you wouldn’t need anything else. For DJs, this is the perfect system for those afternoon wedding breakfasts where both space and time is tight, plus you can offer to mix the string quartet or the wedding singer at the same time!

The J Series reignites the RCF Evox range, a product line I think many of us take for granted. The speaker systems have been workhorses for many DJs over the last few years and, with the launch of the J Series, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to change!
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 89, Pages 80-82.


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