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LiteConsole élite
Watching the LiteConsole range as it has matured over the years has been an interesting journey. From a large 'in yer face' performance DJ booth, to the super slim GO!, almost every possible requirement for the mobile DJ has been covered as the range developed over the past few years.

Or has it...?

Up until now, I’ve been sat on the fence as far as the LiteConsole was concerned. I’ve always fancied one, but have been too scared to make the move. I couldn’t help remembering stories all over the DJ forums at the time when the XPRS series was launched about issues relating to the shelves and so on (these were subsequently resolved.) I also, personally, preferred the idea of something a little less bulky, and it seems that I’m not alone. Nick McGeachin, the driving force behind the product, and the rest of the LiteConsole team are not the type of people to just sit there and not listen to their users, and they recently realised that it was time for a new concept.

The LiteConsole élite first made an appearance towards the end of 2016 and I was lucky to be the first DJ in the world given the opportunity to use it at an event. That puts me in a perfect position to review the new product, now that it has just gone on general sale.

The first thing you notice about the élite model is that it very much retains the iconic look of the entire LiteConsole range. The quality and craftsmanship of the élite also stand out. Now I’m no metalwork genius but you don’t need to be to immediately realise that it’s clearly robust, not to mention very well-designed and fabricated.

The hinges on the fold-out sections of the LiteConsole élite look almost space-age in quality and design. Sounds weird I know but you just get the impression simply by looking at it that it’s a quality product, certainly heavy duty and will not let you down after a few gigs.

Putting it together is so simple; just fold out the side sections, slide in the polycarbonate panels, insert the upper and lower shelves, and that's it! This takes no more than two minutes and you have a modern-looking DJ booth ready for action.

The aluminium shelves are also clearly designed to last, and both feature an 80mm hole through which you can route cables up and down inside the booth to keep everything neat and safe. Adding the shelves, which are notched, not roll-overs, really does make the élite super rigid and perfect for all your gear.

This new design also comes equipped with opaque polycarbonate inserts for the side ‘truss’ sections, which look amazing when illuminated with LED Par Cans. Don’t confuse these inserts with cheap plastic; they are incredibly hard-wearing and are designed to last. The shelves have also been specifically designed to allow light flow to the top of the console by means of 'scalloped' cut-outs on the inner corners. Meanwhile, the centre aluminium DiBond panel is removable and reversible, so it can be used for branding if you wish.

The LiteConsole élite is slightly less wide than the XPRS series and the shelves are shallower. As an owner of the world’s biggest DJ controller, the Pioneer RZX, it was a bit of a squeeze – both in and out of its flight case – but it fitted. Owners of smaller controllers such as the Pioneer DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RX, Denon MCX8000, etc. will have no problem at all. Likewise, any standard mixer/CDJ/laptop set-up will fit comfortably.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 82, Pages 78 - 79.


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