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IMG StageLine CUBE-630/LED
It’s official… retro is back! Come with me on a journey back in time, 30-odd years ago - something like that, and go into any nightclub and look up at the lighting rig. I can guarantee the ceiling will be littered with pin spots, par cans, mirror balls and a variety of crazy spinney things. No doubt, amongst the myriad of technology, you will see something not too dissimilar to the new CUBE-630/LED from IMG Stageline. However, despite having a distinctly retro feel, this is a moving light that certainly makes use of modern technology. It packs six 30W RGBW LEDs and 12 RGB LED strips into an infinitely-rotatable cube.

There are actually two models in the IMG Stageline range; the CUBE-630/LED, which I was given the opportunity to try out, and the CUBE-630/RGBW, which costs a little less but doesn’t include the LED strips.

Now, I’m going to be honest… my first impression was that this is a big lighting fixture… a lot bigger than I was expecting. When the box was delivered I figured I’d been sent two, but I was very wrong. That said, it’s not overly heavy; it shouldn’t cause you to break into an uncontrollable sweat at 14.5kg. But, from a physical point of view, it’s a bit of a monster. It measures 41 x 31 x 50cm, which is maybe a few pies too many for the average mobile DJ to carry around.

Having unboxed the unit, in typical man-fashion, I bypassed the manual and put it straight on a bench, plugged in the power lead and waited. A few moments later my front room turned into Studio 54, it’s absolutely amazing!

The six 30W RGBW LEDs each project a light beam through a separate lens, one positioned on each side of the cube. This means that beams are projected in every direction: up, down, left, right, front and back. In addition to this there are also multi-LED RGB strips on every edge of the cube, which create an eye-candy effect on the actual cube itself. From a visual point of view, the combined effect is absolutely stunning. I have to admit that my wallet was soon beginning to look a little bit worried, especially after I filled the room with a little bit of haze, I cranked up the stereo and put my Saturday Night Fever album on!
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 78, Pages 62 - 64.


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