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Peavey Dark Matter
The Dark Matter Series from popular PA manufacturer Peavey is a range of active speaker cabinets aimed squarely at working mobile DJs. While not brand new (the Dark Matter Series was launched in the UK almost 18 months ago) these speakers have not yet been reviewed in Pro Mobile, but I felt like they deserved to be as they pack a real punch at this price point.

As I’m sure will be the case for many mobile DJs who’ve been around for a decade or three, I have a history with Peavey. However, unlike most, rather than owning Peavey speakers I used to sell them, when I worked at Premier Sound & Light in Bolton back in the early 90s. At the time, Peavey was prevalent in the disco and MI PA markets and the HiSys II was by far our bestselling speaker cab. Since then the industry has seen lots of changes and Peavey has been one of the brands to suffer the recession badly. The company’s UK base closed down and the brand’s position in the market suffered accordingly. However, Peavey has come out of the other side of this tough time and is now in a strong position in the UK having teamed up with well-respected distributor Barnes & Mullins. A host of new and exciting products have been released by Peavey over the past couple of years and chief amongst them – from a mobile DJ perspective – is the Dark Matter Series. Dark Matter builds on the rich heritage of Peavey while using modern technology to deliver active speakers that meet the needs of today’s mobile DJ.

The Dark Matter Series comprises four models, two full-range cabinets and two subs. I had the opportunity to try out a pair of DM 112 cabinets alongside a pair of DM 115 Subs. The DM 112 is a full range speaker cabinet containing a compression driver with a 1.4” titanium diaphragm and a 12” woofer, while the DM 115 Sub is a vented subwoofer enclosure loaded with a 15” driver. Also in the range is the larger DM 115, a full range cabinet with a 15” driver, as well as the matching 118 Sub, which incorporates an 18” driver. I definitely think that for the venues that most mobile DJs find themselves working in, the DM 112 / DM 115 Sub pairing is certainly the most relevant.

The best way I can describe the aesthetics of these speakers is to say that they are ‘normal’, both in terms of size and appearance. The DM 115 Sub is constructed from wood and has a design that places the 15” woofer above a large vent, with a full-coverage perforated steel grille providing protection to the speaker cone. The DM 112, meanwhile, is constructed from injection-moulded plastic but is finished with the same heavy-duty steel grille. I like the fact that the Peavey designers have opted for a neutral look for both cabinets, especially the DM 112, unlike many other brands who feel they need to make some kind of a statement with their plastic cabs.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 77, Pages 74 - 75.


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