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Equinox MaxiPar Plus
The introduction of UV LEDs isn’t exactly breaking news. Neither is the idea of the slim-line par can. But, like any new technology, it can take a while for it to become available at the right price for mobile DJs, especially if your DJ work is part-time or on weekends. Luckily, there are companies – such as the Prolight Concepts Group and others – that are there to provide products that not only enhance your setup, but come at an affordable price too. That’s what the Equinox MaxiPar Plus offers us…

The latest in the Equinox line distributed by the Prolight Concepts Group, the new MaxiPar Plus is a compact profile par that has been designed for up-lighting applications, stage lighting and, of course, dance-floor washes. What makes it different to your standard RGB par can? Well, as I said, it isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but the MaxiPar Plus takes five 5W quad-colour LEDs (combining Red, Green, Blue and UV) and houses them inside a slim-line casing, allowing you to produce UV-embellished washes from a single portable unit. However, where the MaxiPar Plus does break new ground is in its affordability - each one of these will cost you just 50 quid including VAT!

The key here is really the UV element, which is no doubt where the ‘Plus’ part of this light’s name comes from. This means that the fixture is able to produce the classic retro UV effect that makes white clothes glow and teeth show up in an unnatural way! But more than that, by mixing the UV part of the LEDs with the usual red, blue and green, the MaxiPar is able to generate otherwise unattainable colours and shades such as hot vibrant pinks.

Straight out the box, I got the MaxiPar Plus setup on the floor to try out some up-lighting. Letting it run in its Auto mode at first, it became clear how much more this quad-colour source (compared to a basic RGB mix) gives you: the colours really pop and the unit has no problem achieving a range of harder to reach hues. These colours can also be accessed using the Sound Active and Colour Change modes, which fade and scroll through an eclectic mix.

These modes work well for washing the dance-floor while the music is playing – and colour-changing up-lighting can look really effective – but many mobile DJs prefer to use a static colour for their up-lighting or washes. A nice touch, Equinox has equipped the MaxiPar Plus with a Colour mode that lets you independently adjust the colour levels of each element of the LED source allowing literally any colour or hue to be set without the use of a separate controller. Using this mode I was able to create some really nice static colours; you can easily achieve the variations that brides and other clients are likely to request for that sleek, modern look – the purples, blues and whites – and hot pinks and vibrant oranges can be produced too. In the Colour mode there is also a ‘Colour Flash Speed’ setting to allow a variable speed strobe effect to be applied to your chosen colour, if you desire.

What’s great is that you can take the UV out altogether, should you wish, or push it right up in the colour mix to make the effects really pop. As well as adding something special to your up-lighting and dance-floor washes in general, the UV element can also come in handy when it comes to lighting the first dance. Using a purple, pink, white or amber and inflecting it with UV will emphasise the bride’s dress, making her the star of the show and ensuring some good shots for the photographer.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 76, Pages 80 - 82.
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£25.00 (INC P&P)