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ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge
Finding the most convenient but effective way of controlling your lighting is a constant challenge for mobile DJs, especially when the market provides you with so many options! So, on the back of reviewing the Visual Productions Cuety in the last issue of Pro Mobile, I thought my fellow DJs might appreciate a look at another forward-thinking new control solution. This time, the Airstream DMX Bridge from ADJ – a combination of WiFLY transmitter and iOS app that has been designed to make it easier for lighting users to have wireless DMX control over their fixtures from a smartphone or tablet.

Now, despite my attempt at a concise description above, you may well be wondering exactly what it is the Airstream DMX Bridge does! Is it a piece of hardware? Is it an app? Is it related to the previously released ADJ Airstream IR app? So, I’ll try to answer these questions before we get down to business by looking at the main features of the product.

Is it a piece of hardware?
In short, yes. The Airstream DMX Bridge is a compact unit that allows you to create a wireless DMX network for your lighting fixtures. The concept is simple, but basically what you do on the app is sent to the Airstream DMX Bridge unit which then sends a control signal to your lights. So the unit itself is simply the middle man between your iOS device and your ADJ fixtures, saving you the need for DMX cables or a computer, without losing the in-depth control.

Is it an app?
Partly, yes: the Airstream DMX Bridge is the unit I’ve just explained, but it wouldn’t really work without the introduction of ADJ’s Airstream DMX app! This free-to-download app can be installed on any iOS device and provides you with wireless control over the settings and features of your ADJ fixtures. This means you can enjoy the in-depth control offered by DMX without the need for extensive wiring or a complicated DMX controller! (I’ll look at the Airstream DMX app in more depth in a moment…)

Is it related to the Airstream IR app?
While the Airstream DMX Bridge has been designed to offer the wireless DMX control of ADJ fixtures – including Airstream IR products – via an iOS app, the Airstream IR app is totally separate to the Airstream DMX app. ADJ has designed the Airstream DMX app to be more user-intuitive and capable of more complex programing – and it shows.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 76, Pages 68 - 70.


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