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Equinox Truss Plinth Kits
The benefits offered by using podium stands/plinth kits have been well-covered within the pages of Pro Mobile, but admittedly with many brands offering versions that differ in style and features, these benefits change from model to model. The latest podium solutions to join the party are the Equinox Truss Plinth Kits from the Prolight Concepts Group, which again offers something completely different to recent counterparts like the Novopro PS1+ and RSDmusic Plinth Truss Package.

Available in 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m models, the new Equinox Truss Plinth Kit is an all-in-one package that includes four aluminium poles, a base plate and a top plate, as well as a 35mm speaker adaptor, white scrim and two carry bags. Therefore, where the Novopro PS1+ features four thin adjustable poles and the RSDmusic Plinth Truss Package utilises bulkier intersected trussing, this latest offering from Equinox could be considered a hybrid of the two.

Make no mistake, Equinox hasn’t cut any corners when it comes to the quality of this new product. This is a high-quality kit, which offers a lightweight but stable solution for mounting lighting effects and speakers thanks to its use of ‘proper’ truss-style poles. Undoubtedly, what makes it sturdier than some podiums on the market is its solid all-metal construction, which just feels safer and sturdier. These poles are made of lightweight aluminium and manage to offer a secure structure without the need for supporting cross pieces that make traditional ‘quad truss’ based plinths bulky to transport.

Meanwhile, like pretty much all products of a similar purpose, it is a given that the aluminium base plate and top plate are fairly substantial. But even being as big as it is, the base plate doesn’t weigh an unmanageable amount, and when the whole kit comes together the weight isn’t bad at all considering the stability and durability it offers.

I tried out the 1.5m version of the Truss Plinth Kit and, all in all, set up was quick and easy. Once you’ve got into the swing of things I think it would be possible to have a couple of these up in ten minutes, maybe faster. The aluminium poles simply lock into the base plate using the conical pin system that many of you will be familiar with, while the same applies to the top plate. The conical connectors can either be screwed in on-site, or attached beforehand and left in place between gigs, which will save time during set up/pack down. There are no connecting elements between the poles or fancy locking systems, just six pieces designed to slot together simply and without hassle.

Once the truss podium is set up, you can also attach the speaker adaptor to the top plate. This simply locks into place using a screw from the underside of the top plate, though it’s actually easier to attach this before you lift the plate onto the poles. This additional 35mm adaptor allows a speaker to be mounted securely onto the podium, making the Equinox Truss Plinth Kit a versatile product that you can use to mount either your lighting effects or your speakers, depending on your needs.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 75, Pages 82 - 84.


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